Singapore International Jewellery Expo 2015: Rare Priceless Burmese Ruby on display

Do you want to see for yourself, a 950-carat, untreated Burmese ruby rough – that is so priceless that it doesn’t even have a value attached to it?

You can do so this weekend, at the Singapore International Jewellery Expo 2015 (SIJE) at Marina Bay Sands. This is the largest consumer jewellery event in Singapore comprising of more than USD150 million worth of jewellery, by 200 exhibitors from 26 countries around the world.

The 950-karat, untreated Burmese ruby rough.

The 950-carat, untreated Burmese ruby rough.

Rare ruby mined from the famed Mogok Valley in Burma

This rare ruby, which had been mined from the famed Mogok Valley in Burma, will be just one of the many unique exhibits that you can see at the SIJE 2015 expo. Said Leow Mei Fui, 35, the Marketing Manager of DeGem – the exhibitor which is showcasing the ruby, “Rubies are generally becoming more and more rare, especially compared to other gemstones in the world today. A ruby of a large size, like the one we have here, is even rarer. And today, what we have is a 950-carat Burmese ruby rough, which is natural and untreated – so that makes it a double whammy. Moreover, it comes in a very rare size and colour.”

An assistant holds up the ruby.

An assistant holds up the priceless ruby.

She added, “And to give you an idea of exactly how much the ruby is worth, a 13.5 carat earring with ruby and diamonds costs SGD5 million and a 25-carat ruby ring was auctioned at USD30.33 billion at an auction in Geneva.”

Plenty of other jewellery on offer

Besides this rare ruby, some of the other interesting pieces of jewellery that you can look out for at the exhibition, includes The Million Dollar Row – a special showcase of rare ruby jewellery pieces ranging from USD1.5 million and upwards, as well as specially commissioned limited edition jewellery costing from SGD250 and sourced from all over the world.

Lots of interesting items on display and for sale.

Lots of interesting items on display and for sale.

But for those who may be looking for a special piece of affordable jewellery to buy for their loved ones – and without breaking the bank to get it, there is something at this expo for you as well. This is because there is a wide selection of jewellery on sale at the expo – from the many local and international jewellers hawking their wares.

Watermelon, anyone?

Watermelon, anyone?

In fact, some interesting pieces that had caught my own eye were the intricate hand-crafted ones by Mayeh Jewellery from Mexico – with the designs ranging from traditional Mexican art pieces to more universally themed patterns such as adorable doll faces. Many of these are made using a combination of pottery, embroidery and precious stones such as crystal, gold (22 carat) and silver (0.925).

Intricate Mexican jewellery.

Intricate hand-made Mexican jewellery.

International experts to share their knowledge 

During the weekend, international experts will give talks and advise on investing in gemstones with a special focus on the fastest growing demand for rare gemstones, as well as how to leverage on the digital era in the world of jewellery. Talks on this last topic will be given by Premanjali Gupta of Euromonitor International.

An ideal platform for jewellers to showcase their pieces

An ideal platform for jewellers to showcase their wares.

The event provides an ideal platform for jewellers to showcase their wares.

Said Dr Lily Neo, Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC and the Guest of Honour at the SIJE 2015, “This annual event provides the ideal platform for fine jewellers and designers to showcase their unique pieces to the fast-expanding Asian market. Fine and customised jewellery is also gaining significance in the local and Asian market, with high net growth in the region.”

Catch the SIJE 2015 exhibition this weekend at:

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Expo & Convention Centre, Halls A & B

2 – 5 July 2015

2 – 4 July: 11.30am – 8.30pm

5 July: 11.30am – 7.00pm

For more information, check out their website at:

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