Best Cupcake in Singapore @ Chalk Farm, Paragon

On my previous visit to this delightful cupcake shop, it had unfortunately completely run out of cupcakes. However, I recently tried paying this little takeaway bakery another visit, and to my delight, the cupcake flavours that I had been eyeing were available this time round.

Chalk Farm @ Paragon. (Image from

Chalk Farm @ Paragon. (Image from

The Cupcakes

There were three flavours of cupcakes on the day that I made a trip to the store. These were the macadamia & salted caramel, red velvet and dark chocolate & olive oil ones. I chose the salted caramel and the red velvet flavours because I had heard that these are the bestsellers at the shop.

 Macadamia & Salted Caramel

Macadamia and salted caramel cupcake.

Macadamia and salted caramel cupcake.

This was a pretty looking cupcake, baked with macadamia brittle and topped with caramel flavoured cream. Decorating the surface of the cupcake was a macadamia nut, cut into two halves, to create symmetry in the design.

When I took a forkful of cupcake, I thought it was absolutely delicious. It was definitely one of the better caramel cupcakes that I have eaten. The caramel cream was divine and combined very well together with the macadamia-flavoured cupcake. The texture of the cupcake was also really soft and moist, which was simply perfect. At the same time, it was not too sweet for me.

The crispy macadamia nut on the surface was also yummy, because this added a crispy sensation to the cake, which I absolutely loved.

This was so good that I found myself scraping the patty pan of the cake with the fork to get every last crumb of this scrumptious cupcake.

I would definitely be buying this again, if I happen to be around the area again.

 Red Velvet

Red Velvet cupcake.

Red Velvet cupcake.

This is a rather famous cupcake flavour in the United States and it has completely taken the world by storm in recent years, because of its unique, signature reddish colour. Today, the red velvet flavour is literally a staple at cupcake bakeries all over the world.

The typical red velvet cupcake is typically a chocolate and buttermilk flavoured cupcake that comprises of some reddish dye to give it the distinctive reddish tint. It is usually topped with cream cheese.

At Chalk Farm, the red velvet cupcake is one of their bestselling flavours. Also, it is beautifully decorated, with the reddish-brown cupcake topped with a swirl of cream cheese and topped with a large red raspberry to complete the cake’s reddish theme.

I thought that this cupcake was quite delicious. In the Chalk Farm version, the reddish colour seemed to have been achieved purely with raspberry flavouring, because I could detect the fruity taste quite strongly in the cupcake. Maybe this also explained the choice of the huge raspberry on top of the cupcake.

I couldn’t detect much chocolate taste though, possibly because there was no cocoa used in this version of the red velvet cupcake, unlike some other versions.

As well, the texture of the cupcake was also very soft and moist and the cream cheese frosting went together very well with the raspberry flavoured cake. In all, it created an irresistible combination. It is another cupcake that I would probably return for, if I happen to be around Paragon.

Overall Comments

Because the cupcakes here are so irresistible, buttery and moist, I would definitely be back for more. Perhaps I might get the dark chocolate & olive cupcake next time, or some of the others if they happen to be available on the day – such as the Coffee Walnut or the intriguing-sounding London Fog cupcake, which is an interesting earl-grey flavoured cupcake.

Chalk Farm @ Paragon

290 Orchard Road
Paragon #B1-K24
Singapore 238859

Tel: +65 6235 2872
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm

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