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Pies & Coffee is a concept café that opened in Singapore in 2011. They specialise in gourmet pies and coffee, which was a first in the Singapore food scene at the time.

Pies and Coffee: A concept cafe for pies in Singapore.

Pies and Coffee: A concept cafe for pies in Singapore

This British eatery is proud to serve their customers with pies that have buttery, flaky crusts that crumble in the mouth. They also offer pies that contain either sweet or savoury ingredients.

Although pies are their speciality items, they sell a wide assortment of sweet treats too.

I recently went down to this eatery to sample their pies.

The Selection Available

As pies are their signature item, my companions and I decided to try these. There are many types of fillings available, ranging from chicken

to beef, lamb and even more unusual types such as ratatouille.

These savoury pies sell from $8.90 each.

I selected the chicken cheddar pie. One of my eating companions had the chicken mushroom pie and the other chose the Wagyu beef

The pies are served with mashed potato and salad.

The pies are served with mashed potato and salad.

cheek one.

Each pie was served with a side helping of mashed potato and salad.

We also had some ice cream for dessert and beverages to wash down our pies. I had hot chocolate. One of my eating companions had the same, while the other chose a long black coffee.

The Pies and Side Servings

Chicken and cheddar pie

The filling inside this pie was yummy. I really enjoyed the hot, moist chicken and the melted cheddar cheese. As well, I got a pleasant surprise, because there were also generous chunks of potato inside the pie, which combined very well together with the chicken. The flavours melted into one another really perfectly.

However, that said, I was hugely disappointed with the pastry – it was not crunchy and flaky, like I had expected. Instead, it was soft – a result of the shop having microwaved the pie before serving it to us.

Chicken and Mushroom pie

My eating companion enjoyed this pie and she said that she would come back to have the pie again. The chicken was juicy and tender like mine, and the mushrooms added a really scrumptious flavour to the chicken.

However, she had also commented on the soft pie pastry.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie

My eating companion chose this pie, because he loves beef – and he was not disappointed with the flavour. He thought that the beef inside the pie was cooked to perfection – it was neither overcooked nor too raw for him. In fact, he said that it was one of the better beef pies that he had tried.

However, he did make a mention about the microwaved pastry too, and said that it spoiled an otherwise extremely delicious pie.

Mashed Potato

I really enjoyed this mashed potato. It was really buttery and delicious. The gravy that came with the potato was full of flavour and there was more than enough gravy, so I was not left eating plain potato without the gravy. In fact, I thought this mashed potato tasted even better than the pie itself!

Side Salad

This side salad consisted of the typical lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. There was nothing special about it, but at least the vegetable tasted relatively fresh and provided a satisfying crunch to the meal.

Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

There are three flavours of this ice cream available – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We ordered all three versions and decided to mix them, so that we got a good variety.

My favourite ice cream was probably the chocolate one, because it tasted pretty strong, but at the same time, the chocolate flavour wasn’t overpowering. The strawberry flavour tasted quite artificial, which I didn’t like. The vanilla one was also a little on the plain side for my liking.

It costs $4 for a single scoop of ice cream.


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

This was definitely one of the better hot chocolate beverages that I have tried. It was delicious and the chocolate flavour was strong, but at the same time, it wasn’t too overpowering or sweet for me. I would definitely come back and order this again.

The hot chocolate costs $6.50.

Long Black Coffee

Long Black coffee

Long Black coffee

My companion rather enjoyed this coffee and commented that the flavour was good. It wasn’t too weak for him and at the same time, packed just enough caffeine kick to make him completely satisfied.

A cup of long black coffee costs $4.20.

Overall Comments

The pies here are actually quite yummy and are amongst the better versions I have tasted – but the only problem is that they are microwaved before serving – this makes them soft. If I am buying these pies again, I might go for a takeaway, so that I can bake them in the oven at home – to warm up.

Pies & Coffee @ Tanjong Katong
232 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437020
Tel: 63421667

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