Celebrating 80 Years of Nutrition with Magnolia

For the past 80 years, Magnolia has been a vanguard of nutrition for many Singaporeans, nourishing the mind and body with nutrients to begin the day. So it is not surprising that Magnolia has become Singapore’s most trusted milk brand, enjoyed across generations.

Magnolia celebrates 80 years of nourishing Singaporeans.

Magnolia made its debut in 1937

Having made its debut in 1937, Magnolia has taken centrestage on breakfast tables as a faithful steward of nutrition with its iconic, pyramid shaped milk packs.

Today Magnolia remains as a source of nourishment for us, offering innovative milk products catering to all palates and lifestyle needs – even though the pyramid shaped milk packs that my father still nostalgically recalls, are now a thing of the past.

Magnolia’s products today include Oats and Omega-3 milk, to deliver added goodness in each serving of milk – besides the Fresh Milk range that is available in Plain and Chocolate flavours.

Milk is an excellent source of calcium

Magnolia’s iconic pyramid-shaped packages from 1937.

An excellent source of calcium, milk is essential for optimum bone health, and also complete with proteins and minerals like Magnesium, Zinc and potassium. As such, a daily glass of milk offers the body a jump-start in nutritional intake and enhances body metabolism.

Celebrating 80 years of Magnolia

To celebrate 80 years of trusted goodness, Magnolia is giving customers an exclusive range of vintage mugs. Consumers can redeem one out of four Magnolia Vintage Mug designs with every purchase of two 1L packs or one 2L bottle of Magnolia Fresh Milk, or two bottles of Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie (800mL).

Magnolia Media Drop

As part of their media drop, Magnolia recently delivered some Fresh Milk and Oat Milk, as well as an interesting 3D photo frame comprising of Magnolia cartons through the years – a nostalgic look back through history especially for many older Singaporeans. The Vintage Mugs were also included.

The Oat Milk now comes in smaller 500mL cartons. So this means that it becomes easier to grab and drink some milk on the go without worrying about what to do with the remainder of a large carton, for example, if you are rushing to the office in the mornings.

Magnolia delivered a media drop to my place recently.

Due to the large cartons, I haven’t been buying Magnolia Oat Milk in a while, so when having some this morning, it was great to know that their Oat Milk still tastes of the same rich, nutritious goodness that I had last remembered.

Redeem your Magnolia vintage mug

Redemptions are available till 31 March at participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and provision stores, while stocks last.

Visit www.magnolia.com.sg for more details about the promotion, as well as some fun facts about Magnolia Milk.

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  • Irene says:

    Hi i purchased 2 packets of the milk but was told that mugs were fully redeemed. Can i know when will the stocks arrive?

  • Johnson Ng says:

    Hi, you mentioned that Magnolia delivered a media drop to my place recently. May I know is there a way to buy this media drop? Would like to have it as a collection.

    • Priscilla says:

      No you cannot buy the media kit, but you can redeem the mugs from participating outlets. Last day of redemption is today.

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