Chinese New Year Cookies: How To Eat Them Without Gaining Weight

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. To many, this festival means feasting on classic snacks, like sweet pineapple tarts, fragrant cashew nut cookies, crunchy love letters and delicious bak kwa pieces.

However, munching on high calorie Chinese New Year cookies such as these may result in some weight gain, if you do not watch what you are eating.

Yes, you can indulge in pineapple tarts like these, without gaining weight.

Here are some tips to enjoy your delicious Chinese New Year cookies and keep your weight at bay.

Do not go visiting on an empty stomach

If you are visiting a friend or relative on an empty stomach, you will definitely end up munching on more yummy Chinese New Year cookies than you should.

So the trick is to always eat something healthy first, before you make your way down to a friend’s or a relative’s place. For example, if it is close to mealtimes, try and grab some salads and wraps or soupy items from the hawker centre or food court first, such as fish soup and yong tau fu.

Try to eat healthy foods like mandarin oranges before your house visits.

Try to eat healthy foods like mandarin oranges before your house visits.

But if it’s say, right in the middle of the afternoon, you can always eat a healthy snack like unsalted nuts or fresh fruits such as apples, bananas and grapes before setting off. Or you could keep some healthy titbits in your bag if you are going to be on the move for the whole day.

If you have eaten beforehand, you would be less likely to binge on sinful goodies during your visits.

Eat the Chinese New Year cookies in moderation

You do not have to go cold turkey with Chinese New Year cookies during this festive season. Just eat them in moderation and make a rough mental note of how much you have eaten – maybe store the information in your smartphone.

Take action if you’ve had enough for the day. For example, if your friend or relative offers you more pineapple tarts and even if this happens to be your favourite snack, don’t see this as a chance to binge on more. Just make sure that you stop at one, or two at the most.

These walnut cookies may look irresistible, but eat them in moderation.

These walnut cookies may look irresistible, but eat them in moderation.

Try not to sit within easy reach of the Chinese New Year cookies

This may sometimes be hard if everyone is crowding around the same table and the cookies are right in front of you. But whenever you can, try and sit at the seat that is located the furthest away from the cookies. So if you want to eat one, this would mean having to stretch out your hands to get one.

Occupy yourself

During your visits, try and occupy yourself with activities that do not involve food, such as chatting and maybe watching TV during any breaks in the conversation – rather than snacking. This will help to keep your mind off the Chinese New Year cookies, so you are less likely to binge on them.

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