Overeating ‘heaty’ foods during the festive season? Drink F&N NutriTea.

The Christmas season has just ended and we are now moving thick and fast into the festivities of the Chinese New Year period. This could mean more eating and feasting on delicious but ‘heaty’ festive goodies, such as pineapple tarts, peanuts, bak kwa, cashew nut cookies and other yummy snacks.

This festive season, restore your body's natural balance with F&N NutriTea.

This festive season, restore your body’s natural balance with F&N NutriTea.

Restore your body’s natural balance with F&N NutriTea

With all the festive binging on such ‘heaty’ foods, your body’s system will definitely be affected. So restore your body’s natural balance and soothe the mind – with F&N NutriTea.

Maintaining the right balance within the body is important

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), maintaining the right balance within the body is important. The function of the organs are affected by the harmony of yin (cooling) and yang (heating) energy in the human body. By consuming too much ‘heaty’ foods, a common way to upset the delicate balance – this will ultimately lead to illnesses such as fever, indigestion, constipation and ulcers.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs, overeating puts extra stress on the spleen, which is important in digestions and absorption of nutrients into the body. If the spleen is imbalanced, it may cause anxiety, which will eventually lead to stress.

To maintain the body’s balance, consuming traditional Asian brewed beverages such as F&N NutriTea, is one of the easiest ways to do so. Brewed to perfection from carefully selected all-natural ingredients and containing zero preservatives, F&N NutriTea is the most convenient way to beat heatiness and restore the body’s balance.

Two Flavours of F&N NutriTea

There are two flavours of F&N NutriTea. These are Barley and Lemongrass With Ginger.

F&N NutriTea Barley is brewed with barley and dried winter melon for a pleasant hint of sweetness, which are known for its cooling properties. This is also a good source of essential minerals like selenium, phosphorous, copper and manganese, which the body is incapable of producing on its own accord.

This barley flavour tea is very yummy and just like a glass of fresh iced barley drink. On tasting, it was instantly refreshing and cooling and the amount of barley taste, was just right.

And the gentle infusion of lemongrass in F&N’s  NutriTea Lemongrass with Ginger Drink, relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the senses, alleviates stress and improves the mood. Moreover, ginger is commonly known to benefit the spleen and reduces physiological stress by cleansing the body of its toxins that are produced whenever we feel anxious.

This tea had a nice ginger flavour and after swallowing a mouthful, I could detect a subtle after-taste of lemongrass. The tea was definitely very refreshing and cooling, and would greatly balance out a heaty snack, very well.

Available at all supermarkets and retail stores across Singapore

With modern convenience coupled together with the traditional goodness of Asian home-brewed beverages, there is probably no other drink like F&N NutriTea – to soothe the mind and restore the body’s imbalance.

Containing 25 per cent less sugar and certified as “Healthier Choice” by the Health Promotion Board, F&N NutriTea is currently available at all leading supermarkets and retail stores at a recommended selling price of $2.05 for a one-litre pack and $1.40 for a 475ml pack.

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