Authentic German Delights @ Werner’s Oven, Singapore

The restaurant started out as a humble German bakery at the Parkway Builder’s Centre in 1988.

This family business used to be in Siglap but I’ve just discovered that it has moved to its present location in Joo Chiat – a few months ago.


Werner’s Oven in Joo Chiat

Today, Werner’s Oven is a thriving German restaurant cum bakery. They serve yummy German meals, including delicious pork knuckles, lip-smacking sausages and yummy pasta.

For the bakery items, these include fragrant muffins, pastries and cakes and a wide assortment of German bread loaves and rolls.

Recently, I visited this delightful restaurant. That evening, they had a special condensed menu, comprising of a small selection of their top-selling items.

We ordered the special platter for two, comprising of pork knuckles, farmers and smoked sausages, German meatloaf, mashed potato, sauerkraut and bretzels (German pretzels).

German platter for 2.

Platter for two

The meal also came with a beverage choice of Paulaner Weissbier (a classic German beer) or an Apple Spritzer (fizzy apple soft drink). We chose one of each drink – for more variety.

To end the meal on a sweet note, we also had an apple donut and an apple pie with ice cream.

Platter For Two 


These are chewy German-style pretzels – served hot. The flavour was good – with a slightly salty taste. A dip may have brought out the taste a little more, though.

Pork Knuckle

We ordered an extra pork knuckle.

Delicious piece of pork knuckle.

A quarter portion of pork knuckle was served with this platter.

The three of us enjoyed the pork knuckle so much that we actually ordered another one, after quickly demolishing the portion on the platter.

The skin was the best part – it was super crunchy.

Farmer’s Sausage

This sausage was absolutely delicious. It was soft, moist and succulent. The herbal flavours combined perfectly together.

Smoked Sausage

Like the farmers sausage, I really enjoyed this. It had a delicious smoky taste that I found rather pleasant.

German Meatloaf

I thought this item was yummy. It actually reminded me of a good quality luncheon sausage meat roll – yummy and full of flavour.

Mashed Potatoes

This tasted good without any gravy, and was not too buttery.

Together with the drinks, the whole platter will set you back by SGD98.00.

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Apple pie.

Yummy apple pie with ice cream

I loved the flavour of this apple pie. It was nice and warm – which I loved.

The Granny Smith apple filling was yummy too and the pie combined very well with the ice cream.

This pie costs SGD6.80.

Apple Donut

Apple Donut.

Scrumptious apple Donut

I really enjoyed this apple donut. According to the restaurant, freeze-dried apples are imported from Germany for the filling and this tasted extremely good. The donut itself was very light and fluffy and combined really well with the apple flavour.

The donut wasn’t cloyingly sweet, unlike some others that I have tried.

I would definitely pick another one up again from the restaurant’s bakery, if I happen to be around Joo Chiat Place.

These cost SGD2.80 each.

Click here for an interview with Nancy Hochbaum, founder of Werner’s Oven.

Werner’s Oven

49 Joo Chiat Place,
Singapore 427773
Tel – 65 6442 3897


Tuesday to Sunday
8.30am – 10.00pm
Closed on Mondays

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