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Credit: Horizon Bistronomy.

Credit: Horizon Bistronomy.

Tucked away in the Punggol area in Singapore, the Horizon Bistronomy is a cosy French restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. For those looking to have an affordable yet delicious French meal amidst tranquil and peaceful settings, this new eatery, which has just opened about two weeks ago, is a great place to dine and hang out.

According to the restaurant’s owner and chef, Chris Fong, he had chosen this Punggol location because he had a good feeling and vibe about the area.

The restaurant does not disappoint in terms of their menu. It serves food prepared with French techniques, yet fused with a variety of flavours. According to Fong, he wanted to have the freedom to experiment with various flavours – and not just be restricted to the traditional French cuisine.

He had initially selected to serve French food in the eatery, as it typically has a more sophisticated and refined image, compared to other types of cuisine – and this is the image that Fong had wanted his restaurant to portray.

At a media food tasting event that took place last Sunday, we tried several of Horizon Bistronomy’s iconic French dishes. These were as follows:

[Media Event 23 Nov 2014] Horizon Bistronomy Menu


Chilled crab meat angel hair.

Chilled Crab Meat Angel Hair.

Chilled Crab Meat Angel Hair

I really enjoyed tucking into this dish. The crabmeat was indeed very moist and I could taste the truffle flavour distinctly in the smooth angel hair pasta. I thought it was good that the crabmeat was served in the form of large chunks and not shredded, as I admit I had been expecting.

The addition of the salmon roe gave a delicious texture to the dish, to create a very interesting sensation. Eaten together with the crabmeat and the angel hair pasta, this provided an excellent combination of textures.

Assorted tomatoes salad.

Assorted Tomato Salad.

Assorted Tomato Salad

I’ll admit that I am not usually a fan of eating salad. But this dish consisting of three different types of tomatoes (a big yellow one from the USA, a large red one from Japan and a small local cherry tomato) was a really refreshing salad – and a healthy starter to the meal.

Served with little balls of burrata cheese and the red homemade pesto sauce, this dish was really fresh and the flavours combined really well together. I must say that I particularly liked the little bouncy balls of cheese, which had a chewy and rather interesting sensation.

Main Courses

Horizon Pork 2 Way

Horizon Pork 2-Way.

Horizon Pork 2-Way.

I am not usually a pork lover, but this dish probably contained the best pork that I have ever tried. It was definitely soft, moist and tasty. The black pepper sauce added a slightly spicy note to this dish, and I thought that this brought out the flavour of the meat very well.

The roasted cauliflower puree on the side, didn’t taste like cauliflower at all. In fact, this reminded me more of mashed potatoes and I thought it was quite creative.

According to Fong, preparing this dish is a three-step process. The pork has to be browned and then cooked for 24 hours – to get the softness and tenderness required. Once this is achieved, the pork is then braised in a pork broth. In all, the preparation will take three full days.

King of the Sea

King Of The Sea.

King Of The Sea.

As I love seafood, this was one dish that I could not wait to try. And when the dish came, it certainly did not disappoint. Sitting on my plate, was a huge king prawn and a generous serving of king salmon. I must admit that I had actually been slightly taken aback by the size of the fish portion. The dish was quite pretty, with some foam coming out from the edges of the plate. I later found out from Fong that this had been created using mustard, which was designed to balance out the acidity of the dish.

This seafood dish was quite yummy. The prawn, which had been pre-shelled except for the head and the tail, definitely tasted fresh and moist and had been cooked to perfection.

The salmon meat was quite moist and tender. As a result, even though I was already starting to get full, I still managed to finish my share of the salmon.

The miso sauce, which I had thought was an interesting Asian-inspired twist to this dish, went very well together with the seafood. This gave the dish an interesting salty yet sweet sensation, which I had thought was pretty enjoyable.


Citrus White Chocolate Mousse.

Citrus White Chocolate Mousse.

Cirtus White Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse cake was definitely yummy and I was pretty overwhelmed by the combination of flavours.

There was a tangy and slightly sour flavour in the mousse cake, possibly due to the orange and lemon curd flavour, and I thought that really helped to balance out the sweetness of the white chocolate.

The short-crusted pastry also gave the dish a really yummy crunchy sensation and I thought that it went very well together with the melt-in-your-mouth mousse.

Working on the Citrus White Chocolate Mousse. (Credit: Horizon BIstronomy).

Working on the Citrus White Chocolate Mousse. (Credit: Horizon BIstronomy).

As for the white chocolate soil at the side, this was surprisingly yummy and I actually enjoyed eating it both on its own, as well as together with the mousse cake. The chocolate soil had a slightly salty sensation to it, which balanced out the sweet and sour sensations from the cake.

This dessert was lovely and it was so good that I found myself scraping every last morsel of mousse cake from the plate.

Fig & Bacon Sabayon.

Fig & Bacon Sabayon.

Fig & Bacon Sabayon

This was another gobsmacking dessert – and one that I absolutely couldn’t wait to taste, because I was wondering what bacon in a dessert would taste like.

And this dish certainly did not disappoint either in terms of the flavour – especially the bacon, which had a very unique flavour that somewhat reminded me of bak kwa. In fact, the moment I took a spoonful of this dish, the flavours completely exploded in my mouth. It was salty and sweet at the same time, and there seemed to have been a slight sour note too, which I had thought was really enjoyable.

The champagne sabyon was certainly the perfect sauce to accompany this item and I thought the fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries & blueberries) tasted absolutely delicious. I must say that this is a really unique dessert and one that you have to try, if you are ever visiting this restaurant.

Garden By The Bay.

Garden By The Bay.

Garden By the Bay

This item was a surprise dessert and a relatively new creation by Fong. And when the dish arrived, I was completely taken aback by the appearance – it really looked like plants growing in soil. I have probably never seen anything like it before!

According to Fong, he had actually been inspired by the garden city of Singapore, to create a food item that resembled a garden – literally. So he spent a few days working on this dish, and Garden by the Bay was the eventual result. I thought that it was really creative and innovative.

Chefs working hard to creat the Garden by the Bay dessert.

Chefs working hard to creat the Garden by the Bay dessert.

In fact, the dish was so pretty that it took me some time to pluck up the courage to dig into Fong’s creation – but when I did, I wasn’t disappointed by the flavours either. Comprising of fresh strawberries and kiwis layered with vanilla mousse and topped with dark chocolate soil, this too, is a scrumptious dessert.

The dark chocolate soil is slightly salty and deliciously crunchy. This goes well together with the melt in your mouth creamy vanilla mousse – the opposing textures combined very well together.

As for the chopped pieces of strawberries and kiwis hiding at the bottom of the dish, these are really fresh and scrumptious too. Eating these together with the vanilla mousse, really reminded me of the strawberries & cream desserts that I used to tuck into all the time, when I was a little girl.

Yup that's me with Chef Chris Fong and his colleague, Chef Louis. (Credit: Horizon Bistronomy).

Yup that’s me with Chef Chris Fong and his colleague, Chef Louis. (Credit: Horizon Bistronomy).

According to Fong, these two fruits, which are served together with an apple compote infused with cranberry, were chosen because they balance out the richness of the vanilla mousse and at the same time, they give a pleasant combination of sweet and sour tastes.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I thought this quaint French eatery lives up to its promise – to give customers food prepared with French techniques and a variety of flavours. I really enjoyed the dishes.

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Horizon Bistronomy @ The Punggol Settlement

Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, #02-04, The Punggol Settlement, S(828694)

Contact number: 6702 2855

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