Invigorate yourself with the New Ice Mountain Sparkling Water

If you have been feeling particularly hot and stuffy in Singapore’s humid weather, why not cool yourself down with a completely guilt-free indulgence… in the form of the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water?


Cool yourself down with the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water.

Zero sugar and contains no artificial sweeteners or colours

Designed to give Singaporeans the sparkle boost from within that uplifts the mood and rejuvenates the senses, the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water contains zero sugar, artificial sweeteners or colours. At the same time, it is infused with lemon or grapefruit flavours… and has zero calories.

At the same time, the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water bears the same hydration properties as still water but the invigorating fizz will tickle the taste buds, leaving you craving for more, and at the same time, without any sense of guilt, because after all, it does not contain any calories.

Had the chance to try both refreshing flavours

Thanks to F&N, I had the chance to try both flavours of the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water – and these are indeed very refreshing. The grapefruit one has a sweet and a little sour flavour which can be detected easily. This fruity zing, together with the fizziness of the water, had been certainly rejuvenating. I found myself enjoying this version of water very much.


The water can be bought at major supermarkets and convenience stores.

The lemon one has a similar refreshing zing, but at the same time, the slight citrusy flavour from the lemon, which could be easily detected in the drink, added a slightly sour acidic note to the water, but had enhanced the refreshing taste of the water. This too, was a very enjoyable drink. I felt as though I was drinking fizzy lemonade, but without the sugar or the guilt thrown in.

Where to purchase the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water

The Ice Mountain Sparkling Water can be purchased at leading supermarkets (SGD1.20) and selected convenience stores (SGD1.90) across Singapore.

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  • Sheralyn says:

    Can I purchase this Ice Mountain sparkling water (lemon) in Malaysia? If Yes, where can I purchase?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Sheralyn, I have checked and unfortunately, this product isn’t yet available in Malaysia. Will let you know if I hear any updates though.

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