Manhattan 006: New Dish at the Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan 006. A new James Bond character? No, it has nothing to do with the famous Agent 007.

Rather, this is the latest item to be introduced to the menu of popular seafood chain, the Manhattan Fish Market. The “006” in the name is derived from the six ingredients that make up the dish.

The Manhattan Fish Market at Suntec CIty,

The Manhattan Fish Market at Suntec CIty

Last night, I was invited to a food tasting of this new Manhattan 006 dish – at the restaurant’s Suntec City branch. Besides the Manhattan 006, I also tried three other dishes. These were the Single Garlic Herb Mussels and the Fried Country Mushroom for starters. To round off the meal, Sizzling Brownie with ice cream was served, as the dessert.

How was the meal?


Fried Country Mushrooms

Deep fried mushrooms.

Fried country mushrooms.

These deep-fried mushrooms were served separately with homemade Cajun Honey Mustard sauce.

The mushrooms were piping hot, juicy and moist on the inside and the fried batter gave it a yummy crunch on the outside. I’m a mushroom lover, so this dish appealed to my taste buds.

Cost: SGD5.95 per plate.

Single Garlic Herb Mussels

Garlic herb mussels.

Garlic herb mussels.

These mussels are poached in the restaurant’s signature garlic sauce and served with baguette.

They were very fresh. The rich, creamy garlic sauce went very well with the mussels and I enjoyed soaking up the sauce with my baguette slice.

Cost: SGD5.95 per serving.

Main Course

Manhattan 006 platter

Manhattan 006 platter.

Manhattan 006 platter.

Comprising of six types of seafood, this platter is more than enough for two people and would definitely appeal to seafood lovers. The dish contains deep fried prawns, grilled dory fillet, fried calamari and chili mussels. There are also deep-fried rice balls and baby potatoes covered with delicious coriander lemon sauce.

The Dory fillet was very fresh, juicy and moist, with the accompanying herb butter sauce giving it a tantalizing taste. And the nuts in the batter of the fried calamari, gave it a crunchy texture. This blended in well with the restaurant’s signature flaming sauce.

The chili mussels – dressed with wasabi lime sauce, had a slightly sour, yet spicy taste that definitely created a zingy sensation.

The Garlic Herb rice balls were my favourite part of the Manhattan 006 dish.

The Garlic Herb rice balls were my favourite part of the Manhattan 006 dish.

For the battered prawns, they were very crunchy and fresh, so that was good. The honey mustard sauce would really suit mustard lovers.

I loved the fried garlic herb rice balls.  Even though each one was quite large (about the size of a tennis ball), I couldn’t stop eating them. I was addicted to their moist melted cheese core and the lovely bread-crumbed batter.

Cost: SGD44.95 per platter.


Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream


Sizzling brownie with ice cream

Served on a hot plate, this came with yummy vanilla ice cream sitting on top of a warm chocolate brownie. Hot caramelized sauce poured onto the ice cream created a sizzling sound on the plate – after which nut toppings were added.

The combination of the hot caramel and cold ice cream was absolutely divine. I simply couldn’t get enough of the sauce.

The chocolate brownie was rich and full of chocolate flavour, but it wasn’t too sweet, which suited me perfectly. I could easily have finished the entire dessert by myself – if I had still been hungry.

Cost: SGD9.90 each.

You may visit one of the following Manhattan Fish Market outlets for your Manhattan 006 fix.

  • Bedok Point
  • Bugis+
  • Causeway Point
  • Century Square
  • City Square
  • Changi City Point
  • JCube
  • Junction 8
  • Marina Square
  • North Point
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Star Vista
  • United Square
  • White Sands
  • Hougang Mall
  • SUNTEC City

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