McDonald’s Curry Sauce Now Available in Limited Edition Take-Home Bottles

Many Singaporeans have fond memories of the McDonald’s Curry Sauce which is commonly available with the Chicken McNuggets at the fast food chain’s outlets in Singapore.

I know that I have always loved munching on the Chicken McNuggets and used to look forward to eating them with the tasty Curry Sauce – during those times when I was treated to a family meal at McDonald’s, or when I used to stop by the fast food chain for lunch on my way home from school sometimes.

McDonald's Bottled Curry Sauce

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Curry 375 ml

One of McDonald Singapore’s most popular condiments

Developed in Singapore more than 10 years ago, the Curry Sauce has grown to become one of McDonald Singapore’s most popular condiments, capturing Singaporean hearts with the burst of familiar, local flavours.

And here’s some good news for the curry sauce lovers. If you are pining for your favourite Curry Sauce, you can now purchase it in a Limited Edition Take-Home Bottle of 375 mL @ $4.50 from 21 July.

Buy them in 375mL bottles

Now instead of having to purchase Chicken McNuggets to receive one small tub of the Curry Sauce, you can now buy them in 375mL bottles when you purchase any Extra Value Meal. Customers will be limited to four bottles of curry sauce with every receipt.

This is probably more satisfying than getting the small tubs of curry sauce, which are about 25.5mL each.

Available at all McDonald’s outlets island-wide

This is available in limited quantities, at all McDonald’s outlets across Singapore – with the exception of NTU, NUS, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic. It is available after breakfast hours and via McDelivery, while stocks last.

For more information

You can visit for more details of this new offering.

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