Milse, a Patisserie and Dessert Restaurant in Britomart, Auckland, NZ

The moment you step into Milse, an Auckland patisserie and dessert restaurant – helmed by Kiwi pastry chef, Brian Campbell – you will feel as though you are in dessert heaven.

Desserts galore line the shelves at Milse.

Desserts galore line the shelves at Milse.

That’s because at this Britomart café, you can have beautifully designed cakes, pretty French-style macarons, melt-in-your-mouth gelato popsicles and intricately styled chocolates for your dessert.

Yummy macarons to whet the appetite.

Yummy macarons to whet the appetite

Besides the cakes and sweet treats in the glass cabinet at the entrance, there are also delicious ice cream and cake concoctions with fancy names that you can order. These include the Feijoa dessert (with tastes of lemon, white chocolate, meringue and Breton) and the Quince dessert (with tastes of ginger, oats and vanilla).

Too much to choose from

On my first visit to Milse, I ordered much more than I probably should have eaten. Next time I should go on an empty stomach – so that I can try even more of their menu!

My dining companions and I selected the following desserts when we were there.

Valrhona Kalingo

Valrhona Kalingo.

Valrhona Kalingo

This is a dark chocolate-based a-la-carte gateaux dessert consisting of jasmine, hazelnut, caramel and orange flavours and is served with a small scoop of ice cream on the top.

When I took a forkful of this yummy dessert, the flavours all melted together in my mouth. I thought it was absolutely divine. The dark chocolate taste in the dessert went very well with the other flavours, and I enjoyed it very much.

This dessert will set you back by NZ $15.




This is an a-la-carte dessert, with lemon, cocoa nibs and white chocolate flavours. It comes in the form of a cheesecake, with a scoop of vanilla white-chocolate ice cream on the top.

I thought the citrus taste in this dessert was a little too strong, but it was a beautiful dessert and I did like the combination of flavours and textures.

This dessert costs NZ $15.

Salted Caramel, Bitter Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse

Salted Caramel, Bitter Chocolate and Hazlenut mousse.

Salted Caramel, Bitter Chocolate and Hazlenut mousse.

This pretty caramel and chocolate mousse tasted really delicious. The salty flavour from the caramel balanced out the bittersweet chocolate flavour very well.

As a bonus, the crunchy hazelnuts added a mouth-watering crunchy texture to the dessert too. The moment I took a forkful of this, I was definitely in seventh heaven.

This delicious mousse dessert will set you back by NZ $8.


Salted Caramel

Lamington macaron (left) and salted caramel macaron (right).

Lamington macaron (left) and salted caramel macaron (right).

This bite-sized macaron was really delicious, and definitely one of the best macarons that I have tried. The caramel-flavoured outer shell was chewy, like a good macaron should be. As well, there was plenty of salted caramel filling inside. The salty and sweet taste were perfect.


The chewy chocolate and coconut flavoured outer shell was yummy and this went well with the creamy filling, which also had a tad of coconut taste to it. It was definitely just as good as the salted caramel macaron.

The macarons cost NZ $2.50 each.

Gelato Sticks

Salted Caramel & Toasted Cocoa Nibs

Salted Caramel gelato stick.

Salted Caramel gelato stick

I was in seventh heaven when I tried this ice cream gelato stick. The crunchy chocolate exterior, coated with cocoa nibs, blended in together perfectly with the yummy salted caramel flavoured ice cream.

This dessert was absolutely scrumptious. The combination of the saltiness and sweetness used was divine and I ended up eating much more than my fair share of this gelato stick.

Mango and Coconut

Mango and Coconut gelato stick.

Mango and Coconut gelato stick.

A layer of vanilla flavoured ice cream and another layer of a mango flavoured one, were encased within a chocolate coating infused with mango essence, for this dessert.

Like the salted caramel gelato, I thought this was really delicious. The mango flavour was just right and not too overpowering and the vanilla ice cream helped to balance this out perfectly.

The gelato sticks will set you back by NZ $8 each.

Overall Comments

I was most certainly in seventh heaven during my first visit to this fabulous dessert bar. When I am in Auckland again, I will try to go there again to taste some of their other beautiful desserts.

Scrumptious chocolates @ Milse.

Scrumptious chocolates @ Milse.


The Pavilions at Britomart
27 Tyler Street, Britomart,
Auckland, New Zealand
T +64 9 215 8996

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