Muffins & More by HAP: Best Muffins At Joo Chiat

A Review on Best Muffins in Singapore

Muffins & More by HAP is just one of the many small shop houses located along the famous food street of Joo Chiat Road. So you may even walk straight past the shop without realising that it’s there – if you weren’t consciously searching for it.




I chanced upon this unassuming little bakery shop one day, when I was walking along Joo Chiat Road. So I decided to drop by and see what the muffins here are like.

The Assortment

Many interesting flavours of muffins immediately greeted me inside the shop. These ranged from the more common varieties, such as banana, chocolate and chocolate chip to more interesting flavours such as pineapple, M&Ms and apple crumble.

After spending several minutes deciding on what to buy, I eventually decided on four flavours of muffins. These were the banana caramel, banana walnut, apple crumble and chocolate chip almond ones.

Banana Caramel

This muffin was rather enjoyable but perhaps a bit on the sweet side. It was baked with real bananas and there wasn’t a single trace of essence, which was good.

However, I felt that the layer of caramel on the top of the muffin made it taste a bit too sweet. I would have preferred the caramel to have more of the traditional burnt sugar taste.

Banana Walnut

This was possibly my favourite flavour. Like the banana caramel muffin, this one contained real bananas, without any banana essence. As a result, the flavour of the bananas was not drowned out and this made the muffin extremely delicious. It was one of the best banana muffin in Singapore I have tried.

However, even though the cake was really delicious, I must comment on the lack of walnuts in the muffin. Even though it was supposed to be banana walnut, it seemed to taste like just banana flavour. I couldn’t detect a single crunchy walnut inside the muffin.

Apple Crumble 

This muffin tasted quite good. Like the banana muffin, it comprised of real apple chunks. Generous sized chunks of cooked apple pieces were also placed on the top of the muffin, which enhanced the apple taste even more.

I do not understand why this muffin was named after the apple crumble dessert though, because I did not detect any “crumble” i.e. crunchy biscuit pieces in the muffin at all. A little bit of crunch would have added a good texture to this otherwise yummy apple muffin. 

Chocolate Chip Almond

This was also a delicious muffin. I enjoyed the rather moist dark and bittersweet chocolate chips, combined together with the dry and slightly crispy sliced almonds.

There could actually have been more chocolate chip chunks and almond slices actually baked into the muffin dough. Based on my observations, both of these only seemed to be present on the surface of the cake, and there weren’t any inside. Perhaps there was a little bit of almond essence flavour inside the muffin, though.

The Service

I found the service at the shop good. As a first-timer, I actually spent quite a while looking through the flavours with the lady at the counter good-naturedly answering all of my questions – and with a lovely smile.

Overall Comments

I would definitely return to this muffin shop again, because the muffins are rather delicious. Despite the lack of walnuts, I would definitely buy the banana walnut flavour again, because of the delicious, authentic banana taste and the generous amount of bananas inside it.

But at the same time, I might also try to be more adventurous and taste some of the other flavours, such as the peanut butter, Oreo cookie and the pineapple ones, because these looked equally delicious.

Each muffin will set you back by $1.50 and these are certainly among the best muffins in Singapore.

Muffins & More by HAP
452 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427665
+65 91773802

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