Mystery Box Challenge Awaits Contestants @ Gelato World Cup Finale at Rimini Fair, Italy, 20-24 Jan 2018

Competing teams at the Gelato World Cup finale, which would be held at the 2018 edition of SIGEP – Italian Exhibition Group and Gelato & Culture, at the Rimini Fair in Italy from 20 – 24 January – will have to face a highly anticipated, yet terrifying Mystery Box challenge.

The Gelato World Tour in Singapore in 2015.

A two year event that culminates in the preparation of the best gelato, pastry, cuisine and chocolate 

The Gelato World Cup is a two year event that compares the culture and preparation of gelato, pastry, chocolate and high cuisine professionals selected from the best gelato making experts in five continents around the world (Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America and South America).

And the 12 teams that would be taking part in the 2018 finale, are Australia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States.


What the Mystery Box challenge entails

As many readers may already know from episodes of well known cooking reality show programme MasterChef, the Mystery Box type challenge is typically where competitors are given surprise ingredients at the beginning of the test, and they will then have to use these ingredients to think on the spot and come up with, in this case, a good gelato based on it – all within a tight time limit.

Participants will be able to match fresh produce, herbs, spices and so on, to the mystery ingredient that they have been given.

The final product will be subsequently evaluated by a jury.

Competitors must also make a frozen fruit sorbet

Besides the Mystery Box challenge, competitors must also come up with a gelato flavour that is produced with a type of frozen fruit sorted out by the competitors and provided by the Golden Sponsor Capfruit, together with a mandatory combination of a spice, herb or vegetable.

Other produce to look forward to

Besides sampling possibly the best gelato in the world, the Gelato World Fair, visitors can also look forward to tasting and experiencing produce from the following event sponsors.

Judges at the Singapore event.

    • Cafe Camadaro 1048 – Provides a mix of different origin coffee from South America, Africa and Asia to ensure the quality of a product that is now divided into six different lines
    • Granarolo – A milk chain born 60 years ago with the founding of a cooperative that would later become the largest milk producer in Italy. As a sponsor of the event, they are also providing Ricotta Granarolo, a classic Italian pastry, for the Mystery Box challenge.
    • Maryia Ilieva’s Roses – The symbol of beauty in Italy, this is a flower with unique, sober, delicate and feminine properties. The Rose Damask Petals will also be one of the ingredients in the Mystery Box challenge, too.
    • Muzzi – An established Italian company specialising in confectionary produce and marketing. They will be showcasing their Panettone Muzzi at the Gelato World Cup, a dense and moist cake pastry.
    • Vicentini – A fourth generation Italian confectionary, they will be showcasing their Mou Polacca candy at the event.
    • Stefania Calugi – Founded in 1987, this company sells fresh truffles to restaurants as well as offering a range of preservatives.

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