Relieve your body heatiness. Take Three Legs Cooling Water.

First launched in 1937 by the four founders of the Wen Ken Group, Three Legs Cooling Water is a traditional remedy containing natural minerals used to relieve body heatiness – a concept based on the Chinese medicine theory, where the body heats up internally because the yin and yang are not balanced.

Yin and yang should be in symmetry

In normal circumstances, the yin and yang (cold and hot) within the body are supposed to be in perfect symmetry. But when the body is heaty though, symptoms such as mouth sores, sore throat, nose bleed, swollen eye and ache can appear.

This might happen after eating spicy or fried food, during strenuous exertion for long periods of time, or after intense pressure from work or stress, bad moods or lack of sleep.

And at the same time, too, the Three Legs Cooling Water also serves as a supplementary function of keeping the body hydrated in a healthy manner. The main ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water are raw Gypsum, Fibrosium and Calcitum.

Three Legs Cooling Water initially launched to cater to provision of affordable Chinese medicine

The Three Legs Cooling Water brand had been initially launched to cater to the provision of affordable medicinal remedies, but now, this Singapore-based brand caters extensively to communities across South East Asia and beyond.

New Flavours

And now, in conjunction with their 80th anniversary celebrations, the Three Legs Cooling Water brand has launched three new flavours – Lychee, Guava and Lime, without compromising on its original product of relieving body heatiness. Three Legs Cooling Water is suited to consumers of ages and is the perfect complement to any food.

According to the manufacturers, the adding of these new flavours is to meet the different needs of consumer lifestyles and to provide customers with more choices, and all fruit flavours complies with the International Food Guide Standards. Despite the addition of fructose though, the manufacturers also stress that it does not affect the effectiveness of the cooling functions too.

Trying out Three Legs Cooling Water

Three Legs Cooling Water recently sent their three new flavoured products to me. At the same time, they also provided me with a bottle of the original water, for comparison.

I was down with a stubborn flu, so I had been unable to try out the Three Legs Cooling Water when it had first arrived – because I had been worried that drinking it would aggravate my condition, as my flu had been caused by the body being too cold rather than too heaty.

At the same time, I was taking Western medicine for my flu, and I had been told that it is not advisable to mix Three Legs Cooling Water together with Western medication, so I waited till I was more or less recovered, before tasting the cooling water.

On tasting some, I realised that both the Guava and Lychee fruity flavours taste a little like juice drinks, with the sugar rush somewhat hitting you immediately, the moment that you drink the beverage. This sweetness had reminded me of the Pink Dolphin flavoured water drink that I used to take when I was young. But on sipping more of the flavoured cooling water, the taste does get more pleasant and the sweetness becomes less overpowering compared to at the beginning.

The taste of the Guava and Lychee fruits that the flavours are modelled after, do come out after a few mouthfuls when you are able to get over the initial sugar high.

And for the Lime flavour, due to the citrus taste present in the Lime fruits, this took on a more tangy note, somewhat like drinking Lemonade.

The original version, however, had tasted just like plain water, but if you drink this when your body is feeling hot, for example, after a hard run, you will feel refreshed soon after.

Drink when chilled

To feel the cooling effects soonest, I would recommend to drink Three Legs Cooling Water when chilled, from the fridge. After trying the chilled beverage, I felt refreshed almost immediately after drinking, but then again, I’m not sure whether this could have been due to the placebo effect though.

For most people, the effects are supposed to be felt about one to two days after consumption. However the manufacturers recommend though, that if you are having a fever, drink the cooling water at room temperature.

Where to buy Three Legs Cooling Water

The Three Legs Cooling Water comes in 200mL, 320mL, 500mL and 6x200mL bottles.

It can be bought at leading pharmacies across Singapore, as well as at 7-Eleven, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Caltex, SPC and Mustafa Singapore outlets.

You may also place your orders for Three Legs Cooling Water, by calling +65 62755677 or by emailing

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