The Cute Sesame Street Cupcakes @ Hey Cupcakes

I was walking down Joo Chiat Road when a little cupcake shop called Hey Cupcakes caught my attention. This was because displayed prominently in the shop’s window, were the cutest cupcakes that I had ever seen.

oscar and elmo

Oscar and Elmo

These cakes were decorated to look exactly like Sesame Street characters. There were three different characters available – Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.

As I used to love Sesame Street when I was a little girl and I still remember the characters very fondly, the sight of these cupcakes brought back strong feelings of nostalgia to me. I knew then that I had to buy some of these cupcakes because I was intrigued by whether they tasted as nice as they looked.

The Sesame Street Cupcakes

I spent a long time deciding which Sesame Street cupcake to buy. But I eventually selected the Elmo and Oscar ones, because these two used to be my favourite Sesame Street characters.

Elmo Cupcake



The Elmo Sesame Street cupcake is a vanilla cupcake topped with lychee buttercream. The moment I opened up the box, the lychee smell wafted through my nose and already began to make me feel quite hungry.

The Elmo one looked almost too cute to eat, but after spending several minutes staring at the cake and taking pictures, the delicious lychee smell eventually got to me, so I dug my fork in and broke off part of the face.

But the taste of the cupcake really wasn’t as good as I had expected. The cake had a vanilla taste and it was moist, but besides that, it was pretty average. At least the cake itself wasn’t too sweet though.

But the red lychee buttercream was a bit too sweet for me and after a while, I actually found myself scraping it off the cake.

As for the Oreo cookie that was supposed to be Elmo’s mouth, I was quite disappointed with it too, because it was really soft. I would have expected it to be more crunchy. The same thing can be said of the M&M sweet representing Elmo’s nose. The two white chocolate eyes were also a bit sweet and I found myself feeling rather queasy after eating my share of these eyes.

Oscar the Grouch Cupcake

oscar grouch

Oscar Grouch

The Oscar sesame street cupcake was a chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla bean buttercream. So that made it rather different to the Elmo cupcake.

The texture of the Oscar chocolate cupcake was yummy and moist and I liked the refreshing bittersweet dark chocolate flavour. It was slightly better than the Elmo cake. But the Oreo cookie was just as soggy and the two white chocolate eyes tasted just like the Elmo ones.

I rather enjoyed the vanilla bean buttercream though, as the flavour was quite unique. In fact, I thought that it went quite well together with the chocolate cupcake and provided an interesting combination of flavours.

Overall Verdict

While I must say that these Sesame Street cupcake ideas are indeed creative and cute and certainly an eye-catching gimmick to attract passers-by, I have tasted better ones.

Each Sesame Street cupcake will set you back by $4.

Hey Cupcakes
428, Joo Chiat Road
Singapore, Singapore 427645
Tel: 6345 0113


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