Cute Sesame Street Cupcakes @ Newmarket Patisserie, Auckland, NZ

I was casually walking down Newmarket, in Auckland, New Zealand, when the cupcakes from this bakery shop caught my eye. Most of the little cakes here were very pretty looking and rather colourful. They ranged from cupcakes to plain sponges. There were also simple savouries such as pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches for those who do not have a sweet tooth.

Newmarket Patisserie sells these cute morsels.

Newmarket Patisserie sells these cute morsels

Two cupcakes caught my eye. These were the ones shaped like the Cookie Monster and Elmo Sesame Street characters. I used to be a fan of Sesame Street so I could identify well with these iconic characters.

The Elmo Cupcake

Elmo is happy cause he's laughing.

Elmo is happy cause he’s laughing.

The Elmo character is red, so this cake was decorated with red icing and consisted of two huge white chocolate eyes with a dark chocolate dot in the centre (the pupil). Elmo’s mouth was made with half a chocolate cream Oreo cookie.

This cake was a plain chocolate flavoured sponge.

 The Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cookie Monster munches on a chocolate chip cookie.

Cookie Monster munches on a chocolate chip cookie.

As Cookie Monster is blue, this sweet little cupcake was topped with blue colour icing. Like Elmo, there were also two huge white chocolate eyes with a dark chocolate centre in each. But instead of a mouth, Cookie Monster had a small chocolate chip biscuit wedged firmly into the blue icing cream – to show his apparent addiction to cookies.

This was also a plain chocolate sponge cake.

Tasting the Cupcakes

These were not the best cupcakes I have tasted though, despite the extremely cute appearance.

The chocolate sponge was not as light and fluffy as I would have liked it to be. The chocolate flavour was also really strong, but it wasn’t too sweet – so that was good.

The icing was a little on the sweet side though. There was also so much of the icing that I found myself scraping it off the cakes. As well, the white chocolate eyes were really sweet and I felt a little sick after eating them.

The chocolate chip and Oreo cookies on the cupcakes were a bit soft and not as crunchy as I would actually have liked it to be.

Overall Comments

The cupcakes were not the best ones that I have tried.

But I have to commend the bakery for their careful attention to details and the cuteness of their cupcake designs. It would probably appeal to children and the young-at-heart – i.e. those who grew up on the series and want to relive their Sesame Street fantasies. So I give five stars to this little bakery for their cupcake designs and sheer creativity.

Newmarket Patisserie
296 Broadway
Auckland 1023
Telephone: 09 522 2811

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