Delicious and Healthy Whole Grain Bread from Sunshine Bakeries

Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread, a new product of Sunshine Bakeries.

Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread – baked with 100% whole grains

The latest new wholegrain bread offering from Sunshine Bakeries is soft and delicious, yet at the same time, full of nutrients and grainy goodness.

A delicious and healthy bread full of natural wheatberries

Baked with natural wheatberries, the yummy, all-new Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread is rich in dietary fibre, nutrients and complex carbohydrates. It is grainier and nuttier than your average wholemeal bread and has the authentic and distinctive taste of a bread baked from 100 per cent whole grains.

Wheatberries are the kernels or seeds from which the wheat plant grows and these contain all parts of the grain, namely the bran, endosperm and germ which make the wheatberries an excellent source of dietary fibre, Vitamin B, trace minerals and protein – all the natural goodness that comes with 100 per cent whole grain breads.

Singaporeans are becoming more health-conscious

Whole grains in general, are important, because they contain carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in one package – and this offers protection from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and some cancers. This is a benefit that Singaporeans are definitely becoming more aware of these days.

Said Nicholas Koh, Head of Marketing (Private Labels), Sunshine Bakeries and Auric Pacific Marketing, “Singaporeans are increasingly health conscious and look out for food products that are packed with nutrients and are naturally good. In recent years, we see a shift in preference for healthier wholemeal buns.

Deliciously nutty taste with plenty of textures and flavours

I was given a sample loaf of this bread to taste and I must say that I really enjoyed the combination of flavours that it contained.

The bread has a slightly nutty taste that I loved, and I could really feel the distinctive texture and flavours of the delicious grains on my tongue when I took a bite. This is a unique quality that can only be found in whole grain breads such as the Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread.

At the same time, I also thought that the bread itself is still relatively soft despite the presence of the grains. This is good as some people, including myself, aren’t really fond of the extremely hard and coarse breads. I must admit that I would have expected it to be a lot firmer due to all the grains, though.

A little goodie bag, courtesty of Sunshine Bakeries.

Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread contains wheatberries (seeds or kernels of the wheat plant) – so is an excellent source of dietary fibre

Would make a crunchy and delicious toast

When toasted, the grains in this bread helps to make it a really tasty and scrumptious treat that delights the senses.

Add cut fruits or jam if you wish to spread your crunchy toast – to give it an even more distinctive combination of flavours. Peanut butter or other nut spreads also complement the bread very well.

Retail Price and Availability

Tipped as being Sunshine Bakeries’ most healthy type of bread to date, the Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread is currently available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts at a suggested retail price of $3.50 per 550g loaf.

It is endorsed by the Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice product – and also carries the 100 per cent Whole Grains Endorsement by the US Whole Grains Council (WGC).

Healthy Hamburger Buns and Hotdog Rolls from Sunshine Bakeries

Apart from the Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread, Sunshine Bakeries has also launched two other healthy products.

These are the Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Hamburger Buns, retailing at $1.80 for a 220g pack, and the Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Hot Dog Rolls, which also retail at $1.80 for a 220g pack.

Both products contain 24 per cent of extra fine wholemeal and carry the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice symbol.

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