Sunshine’s New TOM YUM CHICKEN and TUNA WITH SHROOMS Frozen Pizzas

Have you ever craved for a piping hot pizza, complete with juicy meat chunks and swimming in mozzarella cheese… but then you only have about 10 to 11 minutes to get the pizza?

Sunshine's frozen pizzas.

Sunshine’s frozen pizzas can make a fast and tasting meal

That’s where Sunshine’s selection of nine-inch gourmet pizzas comes in useful. Offering a range of pizzas complete with crispy crust, meat chunks and mozzarella cheese, these pizzas can be prepared by just taking them out of the freezer and baking them for about 11 minutes at 210 degrees C. They are a convenient meal for those who are craving for pizza but who need to prepare one in a jiffy.

Sunshine has introduced two new pizzas to its range of ready-made pizzas. These are the Tom Yum Chicken Pizza and the Tuna with Shrooms and Onion pizza. These are on top of Sunshine’s existing flavours – the Classic Aloha, Shrooms with Chicken, Meat Lover’s and Spicy Chicken Delight.

I was given the chance to try the two new flavours, as well as the Classic Aloha pizza. Here are my comments on these.

Tom Yum Chicken Pizza

Tom Yum Chicken Pizza.

Tom Yum Chicken Pizza provides an interesting Western and Eastern combination of flavours

This flavour is prepared with chicken chunks, green capsicums, onions, mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and tom yum base.

I found this to be a very unusual and interesting pizza. The tom yum flavour was pretty spicy and seemed to have a slight tinge of sweetness – as compare to a typical tomato pizza base. But it was pretty true to the tom yum flavour that I usually have at Thai restaurants.

The pizza had a very interesting combination of Eastern and Western ingredients such as the chicken, mushrooms and Mozzarella, together with the Thai tom yum flavour.

And the pizza base turned out quite crunchy. After baking, I thought that the edges remained quite crispy and the pizza inside was moist, and not dry at all.

But after tasting this pizza, I admit that I personally would still prefer my traditional pizza flavours though when it comes to savoury pizza – but then again everyone’s taste buds are different. So if you like Thai cuisine, I think that this a pizza combination that you would probably enjoy very much.

Tuna with Shrooms and Onions Pizza

Tuna with Shrooms and Onions.

Tuna with Shrooms and Onions provides a nice harmony of flavours

This pizza is a combination of tuna flakes, sliced mushrooms, diced tomatoes and onions. There is also a sprinkle of chili flakes to add a spicy kick to the pizza.

I thought that this was a rather pleasant flavour. Compared to the tom yum, the chilli flakes here aren’t very spicy so this flavour will appeal to children as well as adults. The combination of ingredients – in terms of the tuna, mushrooms and vegetables, also balances each other quite well to create a nice harmony of flavours and none overpowers another, in this pizza.

Classic Aloha

Classic Aloha.

Classic Aloha has a generous amount of Mozzarella cheese

This is your classic Hawaiian pizza, comprising of chicken sausages and ham and pineapple chunks.

It was my favourite pizza flavour, but that’s probably because I generally tend to lean towards the more traditional pizza flavours. The savoury and sweet sensations balanced each other out very well inside the mouth and there was an especially generous amount of Mozzarella cheese here. This, together with the moisture from the salty chicken ham, sausages and the sweet pineapple chunks, created a delicious harmony of flavours and textures inside the mouth.

I would probably buy this pizza again to keep in the freezer – in case the pizza cravings ever strike me again at a moment when I am strapped for time.

Where to buy the pizzas

The pizzas are available at all major supermarkets.

The nine-inch pizzas are available at all major supermarkets.

These nine-inch family-sized Sunshine pizzas are available at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and Sheng Siong at a recommended selling price of SGD9.90 each. For more information, see

Thank you Sunshine, for giving me the chance to sample these pizza flavours.

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