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Newly-opened yoga studio Jal Yoga aims to bring practitioners of Yoga, Pilates and Barre, to new levels of comfort with their 5,500-square feet studio at Alexandra.

And according to Jal Yoga, they are able to achieve this by combining state of the art facilities together with plenty of beautiful space – in order to allow Yoga practitioners to contemplate, relax and train in comfort and luxury.

Reception Area at Jal Yoga.

Jal Yoga strives to help their practitioners be adaptable, flexible and tough individuals 

Meaning “Water” in Hindi, Jal Yoga also strives to help their practitioners be adaptable, flexible and tough people, just like water.

Their philosophy is to help practitioners to adapt and rise to new heights in not only fitness, but also in terms of their lives.

Explained Pardeep Fogat, Co-Founder of Jal Yoga, “At Jal, our objective is to help practitioners through old Yoga lineages, newest cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of international instructors.”

Founders, Fogat and Loh.

Fogat, together with his co-partner Jasmine Loh, are both international yoga instructors who practise, teach and breathe yoga.

Offers a range of Yoga classes

Offering both traditional and modern Yoga classes that cater to everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners, there are many styles of yoga available at Jal Yoga.

Said Fogat, ”We aim to bring practitioners to new levels of authenticity with a wide variety of Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes under one roof to unleash new therapeutic health benefits.”

Jal Member Lounge.

Some of the more interesting and unusual classes include:

    • Angamardana – Making its Singapore debut at Jal Yoga, this consists of standing, sitting, squatting and lying positions and assists practitioners to gain mastery of their bodies and mind – above modern stress and worries.
    • Yoga For Sports – Targeted at athletes who want to take their game to new heights, this class is for runners, swimmers, cyclists or other sports enthusiasts who want to gain greater core strength, stability, flexibility, balance and breath control.
    • Haasyayoga – A revolutionary and effective concept offered by Jal, this interesting class is also known as Laughing Yoga and it helps practitioners to laugh their way to good health. It also potentially provides benefits to improve cardiovascular health and mood and increases pain threshold

Infrared Heat Yoga Studio

Infrared Studio

Jal Yoga also offers an Infrared Heat Yoga Studio, which radiates therapeutic heat without heating up the air, unlike Hot Yoga.h mu

Infrared Heat is basically a section of the natural band of light that can be felt as heat but is not visible to the human eye.

A first in Singapore, practitioners in each Infrared Heat yoga class at the studio, will enjoy a personal cutting edge Far-Infrared Technology (FIR) Panel, that will help them improve their flexibility and range of motion through the class.

As well, with this revolutionary FIR technology, practitioners can gain health benefits such as accelerated recovery from sports injuries and flu and reduction of aches, pains and joint issues such as arthritis, as well as seeing an improvement in heart health, reduction of cancer risk and also recovery for cancer patients amongst other benefits to the body.

Each of these classes takes in 28 yoga practitioners, across all levels.

Pilates and Barre Classes

Besides Yoga classes, Pilates classes offered at Jal Yoga improve balance and strength through mindful movements and precision, and their Barre classes focus on small movements to improve flexibility of practitioners.

Yoga Accessories.

Ayurveda Sessions

In time to come, they will also introduce Ayurveda sessions as a form of recovery. This provides holistic treatment for practitioners, by harnessing on a healing and wellness system with centuries of tradition.

For More Information 

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