Brush your teeth with Pearlie White’s New Singa the Lion toothbrush

Now, your kids can brush their teeth – with a toothbrush shaped like the iconic Singa the Lion courtesy mascot.

Introduced in 1982 as the mascot for the National Courtesy Campaign and subsequently the Singapore Kindness Movement, Singa the Lion constantly spreads the message of courtesy in schools, at homes and in public.

The new Singa the Lion toothbrush.

The new Singa the Lion toothbrush.

Brand new addition to Pearlie White’s BrushCare Kids toothbrush range

To celebrate a milestone in Singapore’s history this year, Pearlie White has introduced Singa the Lion toothbrush. It is the brand new addition to Pearlie White’s BrushCare Kids range of toothbrushes – which is designed for children as young as three years old. These are a series of animal-themed toothbrushes that help encourage good oral care by making brush time fun for children. The other designs include Bear, Rabbit, Penguin, Frog and Cow. The brand new, collectible Singa the Lion design was produced in partnership with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

The toothbrush is a part of Pearlie White's new BrushCare Kids range.

The toothbrush is a part of Pearlie White’s new BrushCare Kids range.

Explained Michelle Tay, Associate General Secretary for Partnerships at the Singapore Kindness Movement, “Singa is a Singaporean icon and the values he represents – kindness, empathy, graciousness amongst others – connect very naturally with children and their parents. We are delighted that he continues to capture the imagination of the younger generation and, through our partnerships with homegrown brands like Pearlie White, bring smiles and cheer to their faces.”

Singa the Lion toothbrush definitely appeals to children

How appealing is the Singa the Lion toothbrush design to children? For five-year-old Sarah Limb, a K2 student at Kinderland Childcare, the Singa the Lion toothbrush is definitely appealing. In fact, she smiled and immediately fell in love with the appearance of the adorable Singa mascot – the moment she had set her eyes on it. Said Sarah, grinning broadly, “The cap is very cute and it’s also easy to open. It definitely helps me to brush my teeth better.”

Sarah Limb, five, loves the SInga the Lion toothbrush Photo courtesy of Peter Limb.

Sarah Limb, five, loves the Singa the Lion toothbrush
Photo courtesy of Peter Limb.

Her father, Peter Limb, 42, also thought that the toothbrush looks very suitable for children, when he first saw it. In fact, he himself was tickled pink by the toothbrush. Said Mr Limb, who is self-employed, “It’s quite appealing! Kids will definitely connect with the Singa the Lion design. Daddy also likes the feature of pressing the ‘belly button’ which pops up the toothbrush head!”

The toothbrush feels very soft

And when she first used the toothbrush, Sarah really liked the fact that it was very soft. Explained Sarah, “When I brush my teeth, it feels like it’s very smooth, like I’m using cotton to brush them.” So, with the soft bristles, the toothbrush would probably be less likely to injure the child’s teeth and gum.

Added Mr Limb, “Kids may have to be careful not to brush too hard when using the toothbrush though, else the extension – the part that connects the head – could break. But otherwise, it’s definitely very child-friendly.”

At the same time though, Mr Limb also feels that besides featuring as a toothbrush design, Singa the Lion could also star in a comic or ad to reinforce proper brushing in children – as the character is already so widely recognised amongst children in Singapore.

Toothbrush won’t be restricted to the Singapore market

Despite being a Singaporean icon though, the Singa the Lion toothbrush won’t be restricted to the Singapore market. It will also be distributed to 20 countries across Asia and the Middle East.

Said Andy Ong, Director at Pearlie White, “We are committed to being a global brand by Singaporeans for Singaporeans, and that vision is infused in everything that we do, including being strong supporters of other Made in Singapore organisations. Our partnership with the Singapore Kindness Movement, in support of our youth, is just one example of this ambition for a Singapore that gives back to our nation and our home.”

The toothbrush will be available in Singapore as well as the region.

The toothbrush is available in Singapore as well as the region.

Cost and where to buy this toothbrush

The BrushCare Kids range, including the Singa the Lion edition, is available at selected department stores, personal care stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. At the same time, it will also be available at a special seasonal price of $3.50 each from

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