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Getting involved with Fire. Mud Water. Barbed Wire. And Hell On Earth. Sounds fun? Read on!

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Spartan Race is coming to Singapore

Singapore’s very first Spartan Race is coming here on 15 November this year. This is a series of insanely challenging obstacle running races that take place regularly in more than 14 other countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia and South Korea. So Singaporeans will finally get a taste of what it is like to be a Spartan.

Said Joe DeSena, 46, the Founder of the Spartan Race series, “The Spartan Race concept originated from Sparta in the ancient world and it was a well-known way of life. We are creating a similar hard-core lifestyle for those willing to put in the hard work.”

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

The organisers decided to bring the concept to Singapore because according to DeSena, Singapore “is a great country with people who seem to be fit, competitive and open-minded, so it was the logical choice.”

Spartan Race is more than a mere obstacle running event

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Compared to many other obstacle races in Singapore, the Spartan Race, according to DeSena, is much more than a mere obstacle running event. Explained the organiser, “We treat it like a sport – with timing, ranking, officiating and so on. It is much more than anything else out there. It is a lifestyle.”

What to expect at the Singapore Spartan Race

So what can you expect at Singapore’s first Spartan Race? Said DeSena, “Because Spartan is a ‘sport’, expect to see what you see anywhere at a Spartan event, for example, barbed wire crawls, walls-to-scale, rope climbs, spear throws, mud and so on.”

While the organisers are keeping mum on the exact obstacles that we can expect at the Singapore version, some of the more common obstacles at past Spartan Races have included jumping over a wall of fire, crawling underneath barbed wire and climbing up 16-feet ropes caked with mud and sweat. Overall though, the Spartan Race Singapore is 6+km long and contains about 20+ obstacles.

Video Credit: Spartan Race

Complete 30 burpees each time you fail an obstacle

Unlike many other obstacle races though, if you fail to complete an obstacle or if you slip whilst doing it, the punishment is 30 burpees. In fact there is even a stipulated burpee zone at almost every obstacle for this purpose.

What is the definition of a Spartan burpee? Basically your body and legs must be straight and parallel to the ground, while doing a full push-up – with the chest touching the ground. Then in the stand-up position, your body and legs should be perpendicular to the ground, and your hands must be above your ears. When you jump, your feet should leave the ground. Shortcuts will not be counted as a burpee.

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

How to prepare for the Spartan Race

To prepare for such obstacles, DeSena recommended that you should do core exercises and improve your flexibility – apart from simply running. This is because you need strong arms and a strong core, in addition to your legs, to complete the Spartan Race. These include pull-ups, sit-ups and yoga, and of course, burpees.

Malaysia’s first Spartan Race in October

But if you can’t wait till November to become a Spartan though, then you can check out the Spartan Race in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which takes place on 10 October this year.

For more information

For more information on the Spartan Race Singapore, check out the website at

WIN a Race Slot for the Spartan Race Singapore

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Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

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