A Singapore Formula One (F1) Race Car Made Of Pasta

You can admire and take pictures of this live-sized Formula One (F1) car – but you can’t drive it. That’s because it’s made entirely of pasta.

Yes, this does refer to the pasta that you cook and eat. Eight different types of pasta were used to make the car including spaghetti, penne, spirals, elbows, fettuccine and tagliatelle.


The car, which is currently based at the hotel lobby of the Royal Plaza on Scotts, measures about 4.4 metres long, 1.9 metres wide and 1.3 metres tall. This unusual creation is nicknamed “Pasta Pronto” by the hotel and is the world’s largest racing car.

Intrigued by an edible F1 car, I made my way down to the Royal Plaza on Scotts to take a look.

 Yellow with Red Stripes

Pasta Pronto, the pasta-themed F1 race car.

Pasta Pronto, the pasta-themed F1 race car.

The car is displayed in the hotel’s lobby, directly opposite the Carousel restaurant. And when I set my eyes on it, the car was definitely an interesting sight.

It has a pretty yellow colour with red stripes, while the number “1” is displayed prominently at the front and rear in bright yellow, on a red background. Black wheels (squid ink pasta) provide the perfect contrast in colours.

18 Chefs’ Work

I really had to admire the work and dedication of the chefs, for taking the effort to put together so many strands and pieces of pasta to form the car. This feat was led by the hotel’s Culinary Executive Chef, Abraham Tan.

In fact, it had taken 18 hotel chefs a total of 1,130 hours to make from scratch. That is certainly an impressive statistic.

 Chocolate Car in 2008

Chocolate F1 race car in 2008.

Chocolate F1 race car in 2008.

It is not the first time that the hotel chefs have come up with an interesting food-based F1 car.

Their first one was actually a chocolate car back in 2008 and that initial interesting creation attracted the attention of both F1 fans as well as the local media, for its sheer novelty and intrigue.

So the hotel then decided to make their food-themed cars a regular affair.

A car made of varying types of bread was created in 2009 and to celebrate the F1 season in 2011, the hotel created a stunning red and brown macaron-based F1 car made entirely of French-style sweet pastry.

In the past, two of the hotel’s cars have even made the Singapore Book of Records in their respective categories, for being the largest displays of chocolate and macaron respectively. And the pasta car, by being the only one of its kind in the world, is expected to go in the same direction.

The sponsorship of the car comes from Angliss Singapore, the distributor of San Remo Pasta.

The Pasta Pronto F1 car is currently at the lobby of the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel at Orchard Road, until 23 September. So if you haven’t caught a glimpse of this potential record-breaking car yet, there is still time to do so.

For more information, visit royalplaza.com.sg.

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