Tips On How To Enjoy Your Singapore GP Formula One Weekend

So you have bought tickets for the Singapore GP and you want to make the most of your time at Formula One’s (F1’s) only night race and crown jewel of the season. Here are some tips on how to make your Singapore F1 weekend a pleasant one.

Make the most of your F1 Weekend in Singapore!

Make the most of your F1 Weekend in Singapore!

Travel Light

There is an intensive security screening procedure at the checkpoint. So do not carry too much with you. Just carry the bare essentials that you need to take along, for example, wallet, mobile phone and keys.

It is not necessary to bring items such as food and drinks, because you can actually buy plenty of these inside the Singapore GP F1 circuit park.

Use the public transport

There will be plenty of road closures, so when you are making your way down, don’t bother driving. You will only meet plenty of frustration because you won’t know where you can park your car.

Instead, take public transport to save yourself this hassle. For the train, you can alight at City Hall, Esplanade or Promenade stations depending on the tickets that you have bought and the closest gate to them. If you are going by bus, do take note of the bus services that are affected by the road closures and do research on where the best place to alight is, so that you won’t have to walk so far and tire yourself out before you can even begin to enjoy your Singapore GP F1 experience.

Watch the race from atop the Singapore Flyer

A beautiful view of the race awaits you from the top of the Singapore Flyer.

A beautiful view of the race awaits you from the top of the Singapore Flyer.

If you have a ticket for the Singapore GP, here is a bonus for you: You will be able to ride the Singapore Flyer for free. If you have a Paddock Club or Hospitality Suite ticket, you will also be able to avoid the queues, because there is a special express lane that is going to be open just for you.

At 165 metres tall, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s tallest observation wheel. From the top, you will be able to get a lovely, full view of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, thus making this a great angle to watch the race. So why not use your F1 ticket to go for a free ride?

Wear comfortable clothes

You can buy comfortable merchandise from the circuit park shops.

You can buy comfortable merchandise from the circuit park shops.

The Singapore GP race starts at 7pm in the evening, but if you want to make your way down to the Circuit Park in the afternoon to soak up the festivities, it opens from 2.30pm on all the three days of the race.

So you should wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable. Showing your support for your

favourite F1 team by wearing the appropriate colours or team jerseys is also a great choice of clothing, if you have these. You can buy team jerseys and other official team merchandise from the F1 circuit park, as there are plenty of shops around that sell these.

Don’t forget your tickets

Don't forget to bring the right tickets.

Don’t forget to bring the right tickets

You need your tickets to gain access to the F1 circuit park so do remember to bring these. As well, make sure that you bring the correct tickets on the relevant day, especially if you have passes for multiple days, because you won’t be let in. If, for example, you bring Saturday’s tickets on Friday, the officials will lock you out. So do check your tickets before you leave your house or hotel.

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