How To Enjoy Marriage…Even If You’re Single

thomas_kitchenLet’s welcome Thomas Kitchen from the UK. He is our guest blogger today.

Thomas, a creative writing student, has a blog at:

In this post, he will share with us, the joys of being single – in a couples’ world.


It’s tough being single, isn’t it? All the weddings you’re invited to, all the rom-coms in the cinema, all your friends that have boyfriends and girlfriends. Don’t you just wish that you could meet the right someone?

Feeling like this isn’t uncommon. In fact, I regularly feel it myself. But after a while, I get over it. The feeling come back again, but I just bat it back down. In this post today, I want to tell you how I manage this.

weddingSingles can make the world a better place

First, realise that the lives of a single person and a married person are indeed largely different: married people can raise the next generation, and so have the opportunity to make the world a better place through teaching their children what they know.

But singles can make the world a better place in different, but definitely just as equal, ways. Would Mother Teresa have been able to do all that she had if she’d been a wife? Sir Isaac Newton became engaged at one point, but stopped the relationship because he was more focused on science – critically, the three laws of Physics. Just think about it; either lifestyle is missing out on something, so do things with what you currently have. And so too with the married couples: enjoy life with each other’s spouse, and realise you’ve been given just as special a gift as single people.

Singles can have a fulfilling life

Second, a single person, even if they don’t do something as huge as inventing laws or whatever, can still have a fulfilling life. On the selfless end of the scale, you generally have more money, and therefore can donate more to charity. You have time to help others in need, instead of declining because you’ve got to change your daughter’s nappy.

On the more selfish end of the scale (wink-wink), be creative. Have you always wanted to play an instrument? You have plenty of time? Fancy a week-long vacation? Well you can, because there’s no need to discuss it with your partner. You can read more books, watch more films, take more classes, and go out with friends – the world really is your oyster, however clichéd that may be.

Singles can have extra experiences

And lastly, realise that if you ever do meet Mr or Mrs Right, it may not come quickly. In fact, it might be better to wait. Think of all the experiences you can have when you’re single. If you’ve then got a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll then have a shedload of experience under your belt! And if you don’t get a partner, realise too that friends and family can be just as close as a wife or husband. For example, I have a sister who is very close to me. Our friendship is close to that of friendship with a spouse.

And think of the extra experiences! You’ll actually be able to live life: travel, read, be educated, educate someone else, etc. Single people live a different life, but it’s still a great life.

I hope this blog post has helped you. In all honesty, I don’t mind staying single all my life, and neither should you. But if life throws you a partner? Then grab him or her and never let go!

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