Some Fun Facts about Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Right now, you would probably be knee-deep into your Christmas celebrations. So since it is Christmas today, I’ll like to share with you, some interesting fun facts about Christmas.


  1. Dog owners and Christmas

On average, about seven out of 10 dog owners actually give presents to their dogs each year. Perhaps that’s because to them, their dogs seem human and so the owners treat them as part of the family.

  1. You get elbowed during Christmas shopping

How many of you were elbowed whilst shopping during this festive period? It is not uncommon to be elbowed whilst doing your Christmas shopping. According to statistics, this will happen about three times to the average shopper during the festive season.

  1. Gift exchanges during the “Twelve Days of Christmas”

When you hear the Christmas carol, “Twelve Days of Christmas”, do you know how many gifts are being exchanged in total? If you say 364, you are absolutely correct.

  1. Alabama and Christmas

In the United States, the first state that recognized Christmas as an official public holiday was Alabama – in the year 1836.

  1. Christmas scraps can make you sick

If you are cooking a Christmas feast, watch out for your leftover scraps. That’s because, on average every year, Christmas leftovers have accounted for 400,000 cases of medical attention.

  1. Bread baked on Christmas Eve will stay fresh forever

How many of you actually tried baking bread last night? According to an old wives tale, bread that is baked on Christmas Eve will stay fresh forever.

  1. Santa Claus has two postal addresses

There are actually two different postal addresses that will reach “Santa Claus”. These are located at Edinburgh and The North Pole. If children send a letter to Toyland or Snowland, the letter will travel to Edinburgh. But if the kids address it to The North Pole, then it will go to The North Pole instead.

  1. The average Christmas tree

The typical Christmas fir tree takes seven whole years to grow to the height when it can be used as a Christmas tree – that is, about 6 to 7 feet. So a new born baby would be seven years old, by the time a new fir tree can finally be used to hang Christmas decorations.

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