History Channel Highlights for March 2015

Next month, you can catch the fearless Vikings warriors, and much more – on the History Channel. Here is more of the new series shown on the History Channel (StarHub TV Channel 401) starting in March this year.

New Series




New Episodes from 6 March

Fridays, 10.00pm

Check out the return of Vikings S3, in a brand new season, that continues the epic saga of Ragnar Lothbrok’s journey into legend. With the promise of land from the English, Ragnar takes his people on an uncertain fate on the shores of Wessex. He also allying with King Ecbert and leads his people straight into battle.

Gangland Undercover

Premieres 20 March

Fridays, 11.00pm

Find out what it takes to go undercover and infiltrate some of America’s most dangerous and feared gangs in Gangland Undercover. In this series, watch Charles Falco using his savvy and expertise, as well as his immense courage, to bring the notorious Vagos biker gang to justice. The series also captures the reality of outlaw biker counter-culture, through the usage of interviews and dramatic recreations.

Pawn Stars S14

Premieres 2 March

Mondays, 9.00pm & 9.30pm



Catch the 14th season of one of HISTORY Channel’s most popular and beloved shows, Pawn Stars, on History Channel this month. The Tag Team sees a pen that American President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had signed Medicare into law, so they enter the shop. At the same time, they begin a competition to prove who’s the biggest dealmaker amongst them, while in Fiesta Loco a Monet landscape leaves a very huge impression.

Alaska Off Road Warriors

Premieres 23 March

Mondays, 10.00pm

Catch four of the world’s best extreme terrain drivers, who team up with top mechanics to conquer some of the harshest terrain on earth in this brand new series on the History Channel. It’s both a race and survival of the fittest, as well as a test of skill, ingenuity and thinking on the fly, the moment each team arrives on location with their chosen vehicle together with all the equipment and supplies that they must take with them, to make it to the very end.

One Day Anniversary Special

MH370 Anniversary: Ghost Planes & The Mystery Of Flight 370

Premieres 8 March

Sunday, 8.00pm

Photo from www.express.co.uk.

Photo from www.express.co.uk.

In this MH370 anniversary special, you will explore the various theories surrounding the fate of missing Malaysian Flight 370, as well as finding out about the disappearance in its historical context, as one of many ‘Ghost Plane’ cases that have completely puzzled people.

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