A Sneak Preview of Photo Face-Off Season 2

The fashion show was about to begin. The photographers lined themselves up on the runway – to wait for the models.

Then the first model walked out. The four photographers were immediately all over the place, trying to get the best angles for the best shot.

Local Contestants and Justin Mott in action. Credit to: HISTORY.

Local Contestants and Justin Mott in action at the fashion runway.
Credit to: HISTORY.


As the fashion show wore on, the competition between professional photographer Justin Mott, and Singapore’s contestants for Photo Face-Off Season 2 – Shaun Tan Chun Wen, Cheng Kok Hou and Mohamad Yusof Bin Noor – grew more intense. There was plenty of sabotaging of each other’s shots by simply jumping into each other’s frames – as well as lots of attempts to copy each other’s photo angles.

Mohd Yusof, Shaun Tan and Cheng Kok Hou - Singapore's representatives at Photo Face Off S2.

Mohd Yusof, Shaun Tan and Cheng Kok Hou – Singapore’s representatives at Photo Face-Off S2.

Indeed, it had been hilarious and entertaining – to see photographers behaving in such a comical way – at last evening’s media launch event of Photo Face-Off Season 2, presented by Canon PhotoMarathon and in association with SilkAir.


A very confident Justin Mott.

A very confident Justin Mott.

Taking place at Orchard Gateway last night, the media launch event had featured a Fashion Show Photo Challenge, where the four photographers had pit themselves against each other to see who had been able to capture the best runway looks by two local lifestyle streetwear brands, Actually and SuperSpace.

The photos were subsequently judged by members of the media and attendees at the event, and the eventual winner was a visibly relieved Mott. Quipped Mott, “They wouldn’t have voted for me if they had known that it was my photo!”

Justin Mott's winning photo in the challenge. Credit: HISTORY.

Justin Mott’s winning photograph in the challenge.
Credit: HISTORY.

What did the photographers think were some of the most challenging aspects of shooting at a fashion show?

Said Cheng, “It was very fast-paced and sometimes there were lights flashing. This was my first fashion shoot and a completely different experience to street and wedding photography, which I find less stressful.”

He added, “People also kept photo-bombing my pictures so I found it hard to take good shots. But then again, you never know who will step in front of you at a fashion show.”

With Justin Mott.

With Justin Mott.


This fashion show challenge had been a sneak preview of what is to come – when the second season of Photo Face-Off premieres tonight featuring professional Justin Mott, up against 16 amateur photographers from six different countries around the region.

Throughout the competition, the 16 photographers will be involved in some rather insane challenges, such as taking a good shot of Singapore’s fastest mountain bikers, abseiling down a roaring waterfall in Penang – as well as making a plate full of bugs look  appetising and delicious.

Quipped a very cocky Mott, “It will be a tight race… to see who finishes second!”

The photo shoot heats up on the runway.

The photo shoot heats up on the runway.

But that said, Mott quickly added that he had lost to the amateur photographers several times during the first season, so this time, he has upped the stakes in terms of the creativity and angles of his photos, in an attempt to win every challenge.

He admitted that some of the competitors were rather tough to beat though. Said Mott, “Many of these guys are good at different disciplines. But I mentored a girl from Vietnam, and she’s a very well-rounded photographer. She’s taking part in Season 2. And in fact, she took a lot of tricks from me.”

Justin Mott snaps a photo.

Justin Mott snaps a photo.

And who will crack under the pressure during the second season of Photo Face-Off? Said Cheng, “Well, if you want to find out, stay tuned to the show!”

Photo Face-Off Season 2 premieres tonight, September 22, 10pm on HISTORY Channel (StarHub TV Channel 401).

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