Special Olympics Athletes Thank their Mums with Screening of Superhero Movie, Captain America: Civil War

Heartwarming moments of hugs and kisses could be seen… as Special Olympics Singapore athletes gratefully thanked their mothers at the Cathay Cineplex.

The athletes, together with their mothers, had been invited to the Cathay for an exclusive movie screening of Captain America: Civil War last Saturday. This event had been part of P&G’s Thank You campaign, an annual incentive to encourage more Singaporeans to show affection and gratitude towards their mothers.

A Special Olympics athlete hugs his mother in a tender moment.

A Special Olympics athlete hugs his mother in a tender moment.

Behind every successful athlete is a supportive mother 

Said Suhairi bin Suhani, 18, Special Olympics Track and Field athlete, “Success to me, is being able to get my personal best in the long jump team. To other athletes, success means to complete a training session without meltdown or to compete at their chosen sport to the best of their ability.”

He added “And behind every successful athlete such as myself, is a supportive mother who has been through their ups and downs in life. It takes a strong mother to make a special athlete strong and to be with them at every step of the way. It was my mum who taught me the resilience and confidence to make me whom I am today.”

At the event, a cheque of $20,000 had also been presented from P&G and NTUC FairPrice to Special Olympics Singapore and the funds will go towards training the athletes over the age of eight, as they strive to compete at the upcoming 2017 Special Olympics Singapore National Games.

Presentation of the cheque.

Presentation of a $20,000 cheque to Special Olympics Singapore, from P&G and NTUC Fairprice.

Selected members of the public were also invited to the event through winning an online contest buy P&G for tickets to the screening. They had to send in photos or videos showcasing their care and affection towards their mums, tying in with the campaign theme #ItsMyTurnMum. Those who submitted the most heart-warming posts, had been given tickets to bring their mums to the movie date.

Our mums are the superheroes in all our lives

The Captain America: Civil War superhero themed movie had been aptly chosen for the event, because our mums are the superheroes in all of our lives, according to Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC FairPrice. Said Seah, “There are many superheroes living amongst us, and in every family there are some. I am, of course, referring to all of the mothers out there.”

Seah added “A superhero is one who is always there no matter what the situation, time and circumstances are. They are there to protect and encourage, love and motivate us.”

Our Mums are truly the Superheroes in all our lives.

Our Mums are truly the Superheroes in all our lives.

His words about mothers, had certainly reminded me of the comic book superheroes such as Marvel’s SpiderMan and DC Comic’s SuperMan, who are always looking to protect and “rescue” the girl whom they dearly love, be it Mary-Jane or Lois Lane, and to save her from an untimely death.

Mums work together to keep families united

In the movie, governmental attempts to install a system of accountability for the action of the Avengers, divides the Avengers into two teams. Iron Man immediately agrees with having such oversight, but on the other hand, Captain America strongly disagrees. This soon leads to an all-out war amongst the group members.

But though there is infighting and some serious conflict amongst the Avengers in the Captain America: Civil War movie too, I think that Captain America, to some extent, realises at the end of the show, that it is better to work together and stay united rather than to be divided – because he sends Tony Stark (Iron Man) a burner phone, together with a message saying that he will be there for him whenever he needs be, and for that to happen, all Iron Man needs is to call. This may be an attempt of Captain America’s, in trying to get the Avengers back together despite the conflicts.

Mothers are always working together to keep their families united.

Mothers are always working together to keep their families united.

And by working together and keeping their families united is also very important for mothers for example, preventing sibling rivalry from intensifying. Said Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament, MacPherson SMC as well as a new mom herself, “Every mom does her utmost to help her children maximise their potential. They also play a unifying role in keeping the family together. The amazing mothers of the Special Olympics athletes embody this quality by empowering their children to go beyond their disabilities through pursuit of sporting excellence.”

An inclusive society for all Singaporeans 

P&G and NTUC FairPrice also hopes to transform lives through sports, moving Singapore closer to an inclusive society for people of all abilities – firstly by thanking the mothers who form the basic building blocks in families with children who are “differently abled.”

Said Ong Yuh Hwang, CEO, P&G Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei “P&G appreciates and acknowledges a mother’s love and decimation to their families. We are honoured to be able to work with NTUC FairPrice to touch and improve the lives of not only the Special Olympics athletes but also their family, as they prepare for the National Games.”

MP and new mom, Tin Pei Ling, addresses all moms on stage.

MP and new mum, Tin Pei Ling, addresses all moms on stage.

Heart Warming Video and Carnations

A heart warming video of Special Olympics athletes had also been shown at the event prior to the movie screening, where the athletes had pledged that “it’s their turn” to take care and show appreciation for their mothers.

Pink carnations were also presented to mothers as a gesture of thanks too.

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