Media Launch: Run for a good cause and get a free Soleus fitness tracker

Running is not usually part of her training routine.

But this morning, national water-polo player and teacher Eunice Karina Fu, 25, pushed herself to run 5km in about half an hour on a treadmill. Said Eunice, “Today’s run was tough as it has been a while since I ran. I was quite tired 20 minutes into the run, but I told myself that it was for a good cause and that a little goes a long way. That helped me to push on, otherwise I would not be running that much!”

National athletes running for charity.

National athletes running for charity.

Run For Good Event, by 100PLUS

Eunice had been one of the national athletes taking part today in the Media Launch of the Run For Good event by 100PLUS. At this event, which is open to the public this weekend at the Kallang Wave Mall, 100PLUS aims to make running even more rewarding for Singaporeans – by pledging to match the efforts that participants put in towards running on a treadmill, with a donation to SportsCares – an organisation that works to improve the lives of the underprivileged children and youth-at-risk, through sports.

National sprinter, Shanti Pereira, is all smiles.

National sprinter, Shanti Pereira runs on the treadmill.

Added Eunice, “Running for a cause is similar to training for competitions. We train hard because we want to excel and win. So that is what pushes us to work very hard in training. For today’s event, what pushes us all is that we are doing something, for someone who needs our help. There is a very strong trigger to exercise in both cases.”

More motivating to run for a reason

Besides Eunice, some of the other elite national athletes making an appearance had also included national sprinters Calvin Kang, Veronica Shanti Pereira, Dipna Lim Prasad and Gary Yeo. Others included Muhammad Naqib, national swimmer Rachel Tseng, synchronised swimmer Debbie Soh, water-polo player Lynette Jane Tan and national paddlers Gao Ning, Yang Zi, Clarence Chew and Chen Feng.

Said Dipna, 24, a full-time sprinter, “I do long runs at least twice a week but that’s because I have to. Sprinters usually hate long runs. But today, running for a good cause like this, was something that motivated me and I was happy to do the run and push myself.”

Dipna is fully focused on her task at hand.

National Sprinter, Dipna Lim Prasad, fully focused on her task at hand.

She had clocked 4.38km for the charity after about half an hour. Added Dipna, “I usually run 5km, but I didn’t manage to today, because I ran too slowly at the start. It was still a good run though, and it’s great to run together with friends on a treadmill, with so many people I know around me.”

Added Dipna, “I hope that 100PLUS and other such companies continue to have initiatives like this, because it is for a good cause and it brings everyone together. It increases the community spirit as well, so it’s a great thing.”

100PLUS hopes to do their part for charity with this event

100PLUS is grateful that the national athletes have come out to support this cause. Said Jennifer See, General Manager of F&N Foods Pte Ltd, “100PLUS has long been the prominent and ever-supportive isotonic drink of choice at many major sports and lifestyle events in Singapore and the region. The Run For Good event serves as a platform for the brand to continue its endeavour in advocating a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously doing our part for charity.”

All smiles after running for charity.

They’re all smiles after running for charity.

She continued, “We are heartened and grateful for our national athletes who have taken time off their demanding schedules to be part of this campaign and lead the way in promoting an active lifestyle for a good cause.”

Besides the athletes, members of the media, were also given the opportunity to contribute some mileage to this meaningful cause. And after about half an hour, I contributed 5.38km to this meaningful cause, which had felt good.

It's my turn to contribute some mileage to Run For Good.

It’s my turn to contribute some mileage to Run For Good.

Public can take part in Run For Good, this Saturday and Sunday

The public can take part in Run For Good to support SportsCares and at the same time, take steps towards healthy living this coming weekend. All you need to do is to put on your running shoes and take up the treadmill challenge on 28 and 29 November from 11am to 8pm at Kallang Wave Mall.

The public can take part in Run For Good tomorrow and Sunday.

The public can take part in Run For Good, this Saturday and Sunday.

For every one kilometre contributed, 100PLUS will match your effort with a $10 donation to SportsCares. In addition, for those who outdo themselves by completing 1.5km within 10 minutes, you will be rewarded with a Soleus Fitness Tracker (worth $128) while stocks last.

There are 500 Soleus Fitness Trackers available for this weekend’s event.

And even if you do not have proper running attire, there are running shoes for rental at the Run For Good event, so as long as you have 10 minutes to spare, then you can jump onto a treadmill to outdo yourself and help out for a good cause at the same time.

Why not come down and contribute some mileage to this good cause?

Why not come down and contribute some mileage to this good cause?

Through this interesting initiative, 100PLUS is ultimately hoping to get Singaporeans – who may otherwise be spending their weekend lazing around at home – to come out of the house for a run and thus, to eventually take up exercise on a more regular basis.

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