Benefits Of An Aqua Running Workout

As the name suggests, aqua running, or aqua jogging, is basically running in water, usually in a swimming pool. In deep water where your feet does not touch the bottom, a floatation device or belt can be worn.

You may have heard of injured runners doing an aqua running workout to help keep fit. However, while a good aqua running session definitely does help in this aspect, you could also do it as a good form of cross training – even if you are not injured.

Aqua running, or aqua jogging.

Aqua running, or aqua jogging. (Image from

Here are a few of the reasons as to why an aqua running workout is good to incorporate into your weekly running schedule.

Less Injuries

Running on land puts a lot more pressure on the joints due to the force absorbed by your legs and feet whenever you pound the pavement. Such repeated pounding may cause injuries if you are not careful.

But for an aqua running workout, you eliminate this impact of a hard surface on your joints. Moreover, at the same time, you are still getting an excellent workout that may leave you panting with exhaustion – even more than a land-based workout probably would.

Greater resistance on the muscles

At the same time, an aqua running workout will put greater resistance on the muscles. This is because when you are working out in a swimming pool, you are moving against the resistance of the water and so you will exert more energy to fight it. As a result, you will be getting an extremely intensive and good cardiovascular workout.

A floatation belt that can be used for aqua running.

A floatation belt that can be used for aqua running.

A Full Body Workout

Unlike running on land, which only exercises the leg muscles, you can get a full-body workout with an aqua running session too. This is because the resistance provided by the water will ensure that you are using your torso and arm muscles too – in addition to those in your legs. This is regardless of whether you are moving them for the workout you are using them to maintain your balance and running – in the water.

Burns more calories

For those runners who are trying to shed a few pounds, an aqua running workout is a great way to lose weight compared to running and working out on land.

This is because performing the same movements on water actually burns more calories compared to identical movements on dry land.

Won’t Be Sweaty

For those who don’t like perspiring after a workout, an aqua run would suit you very well. This is because you won’t be so sweaty as the water will cool you down and wash off any sweat that your body will produce. At the same time, you will feel refreshed and raring to go.

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