Catwoman Will Run 24 hours to support underprivileged children

Jenap Said in her iconic Catwoman costume.

Jenap Said in her iconic Catwoman costume.

Running 24 hours straight is definitely no mean feat.

And running 24 hours straight in a tight costume – is even tougher.

Catwoman Costume

But Jenap Said, who is better known as Catwoman, is taking on this 24-hour running challenge. And she will be wearing her tight trademark costume once again.

She will begin her feat just before midnight on Friday, 30 May and will finish her run at the Sundown Full Marathon flag-off – the following night.

On why she wears the Catwoman costume, Jenap said, “It was suggested by my husband in 2006 when I did my very first full marathon and wanted to take part wearing a fancy-dress costume. So he designed it for me and got it customised.”

She added, “He told me ‘Catwoman’ should be my signature.” Since then, the Catwoman moniker has indeed stuck with Jenap.

Raising funds for underprivileged children

The 55-year-old quality control manager, who has been running since 2006, is attempting this feat to raise funds for the underprivileged children at the Life Community Services Society (LCSS).

Jenap said, “The money will go to help the needy students and youths.”

The runner is a charity ambassador for Run For Life, which is raising funds for the LCSS.

Not the first time she has challenged herself

This is not the first time that she has attempted such a running challenge. Two years ago, Jenap took part in a 12-hour run in the lead-up for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and raised $120,000.

But she realises that running for 12 hours is a lot easier than running 24 hours. Said Jenap, “24 hours is tougher, because it burns my sleeping hour and I have to bear with rain and sun. A 24-hour run is very tough – and it’s no joke.”

So Jenap is planning to take things easy and simply enjoy herself during her 24-hour run – and is not going for any specific timing or distance. She says that the more she thinks about it, the more she will get more nervous and so won’t be able to run well.

Catwoman is simply running for 24 hours because she believes in her mission to run for a cause and helping those who are less fortunate than she is.

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