Commando Challenge 2015: Now Open For Registration

Have you ever thought of yourself as a real life Commando?

Now you can get the opportunity to take on real Commando style obstacles, with the popular Commando Challenge – Singapore’s Ultimate Obstacle Event, taking place on 17 October at Sentosa Island.

Find out if you are cut out to be a Commando. Photo by:

Find out if you are cut out to be a Commando.
Photo by:

Conquer 6km and 14 Army-style obstacles at the Commando Challenge

Sponsored by AXN – Asia’s home of thrilling entertainment – this 6km obstacle course requires participants to conquer a combination of beach, road, grass, track and jungle terrains as well as a total of 14 Army-style obstacles. So in this way, the event challenges Singaporeans to get out there to become more fit and active.

A few of these obstacles range from the sinister Electric Shock to the chilling Ice Plunge and the tormenting Fire Run.

Test your fitness, grit and determination

In this event you will get to test your fitness as well as levels of grit and determination – but when you reach the end point, you will be overcome by a sense of satisfaction and achievement. So get together with a group of friends and take on the Commando Challenge together.

Carnival and celebrations awaits you at the end point

At the end of the Challenge, you will also be greeted with plenty of celebrations and post-carnival festivities. So stay tuned to find out more about these and what they are.

Extreme Commando Challenge: Not for the Faint Hearted

If the Commando Challenge isn’t enough to satisfy you though, you may take part in the Extreme Commando Challenge – comprising of 1.5 loops of the Commando Challenge course and covering a distance of about 10km.

How To Register

If you are are aged between 15 to 40 plus years old, you can take part in the Commando Challenge. Early Bird Registration fees are $65 for the Commando Challenge and $89 for the Extreme Commando Challenge. (See Table for more information).

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