DOM® Gel will Help to Relieve your Muscle Aches after Running

A self application massage gel, the Deep Ocean Mineral (DOM®) Gel is marketed as helping to relieve muscle aches, cramps and pains. It is also supposed to aid with maintaining proper muscle function and calm overactive nerves.

Said Risa Leong, 34, Business Development Manager at Meditrina – which produces the DOM® Gel, “It effectively eases sore, aching muscles with the help of ionic magnesium.”

DOM® Gel helps to soothe muscle aches and cramps.

DOM® Gel helps to soothe muscle aches and cramps.

Used as a self application or massage gel

DOM® Gel is formulated with a high concentration of ionised Deep Ocean Minerals concentrate. The mineral seawater used, is protected 2,200 feet (662 metres) in the Pacific Ocean off Hua Lien Coast, and kept pure and unpolluted. The gel is made fresh at is source.

Said Leong, “The Ionic Deep Ocean Mineral Concentrate, which forms a large part of the gel, is the main ingredient responsible for helping in muscle relief. It contains magnesium chloride, sodium chloride and magnesium sulphate. Magnesium is an essential mineral for a healthy body. It works as a natural muscle relaxant to ease muscles of excessive tension.”

She continued, “DOM® Gel also contains Butcher’s Broom to help reduce water tension and centella to improve micro-circulation.”

Other ingredients contained in the gel, include English Marigold – to soothe inflammation and reduce muscle spasms, as well as Panthenol – to help to smoothen and hydrate the skin.

Gel should work for all muscle pains, including those caused by sports

And according to Leong, the gel should work the same for all type of muscles pains. She said “Think of ionic magnesium as the relaxation mineral. It works for anything that is tight, crampy and stiff, which pretty sums up the description for chronic pain, muscle cramps, muscle aches and muscle fatigue. Therefore the gel should work for all types of muscle pains in the same way.”

For active individuals, Leong recommends applying the gel twice a day. She added, “Once before engaging in the sport to achieve better muscle endurance and performance, and once more after the activity to aid muscle recovery and soothe tight, aching muscles.”

Those with muscle cramp will find the gel useful. [Photo from]

Those with muscle cramp will find the gel useful.
[Photo from]

She added, “For non-athletes with muscle aches, they can apply once to twice a day and I would recommend them to do some stretching exercises to loosen the muscles. DOM® Gel can also be used during sports massage, physiotherapy sessions a and regular massages to add therapeutic value to the massage sessions.”

Trying out the DOM® Gel

DOM® Gel recently gave me a sample of the product to try out. The first time that I applied this, had been after a 14km evening run. After the run, my leg muscles had been aching slightly, so I had thought the gel could be useful.

The first thing that I noticed when I started using it, was that the gel had been a bit sticky – and so applying it took longer than expected.

According to the instructions, DOM® Gel is supposed to have a slightly oily texture. Perhaps this stickiness could have been related to that.

After application of the gel, what I noticed quickly was unlike most other muscle gels, there was no burning sensation experienced, to remind me that I had muscle rub on.

And when I resumed my normal run the next day, I didn’t really experience any extreme muscle aches like I had expected. This may have been due to the healing and recovery effects provided by the DOM® Gel.

High concentration of ionic magnesium works on relaxing the strained muscles

How the DOM® Gel works, may tie in with what I had experienced, though. Explained Leong, “DOM® Gel contains a high concentration of ionic magnesium that works on relaxing the strained muscles, delivering a real muscle relief for the user. This explains why a user may not feel any immediate sensation when the DOM® Gel is first applied, instead, he or she feels the muscle relaxing after a few moments, or in some cases where the ache is more intense, the next day after application.”

She continued, “On the other hand most muscle rubs contain high concentration of ingredients such as menthol and methyl salicylate. These ingredients, known as counterirritants, work by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm. These feelings work on the skin to distract the user from feeling the aches and pains in the deeper layers of the muscles.”

The gel relaxes the strained muscles, to help you feel as good as new. [Photo from]

The gel relaxes the strained muscles, to help you feel as good as new.
[Photo from]

Overall Conclusions

As a whole, so far, I feel that this DOM® Gel  is looking pretty promising. But perhaps I may try out the DOM® Gel after a run of a much longer distance, to see if the effects from the DOM® Gel are more apparent, in helping my muscles to recover after a longer run.

Where to get DOM® Gel

The DOM® Gel is available at $48.00 each. It can be bought online at or from Meditrina authorised beauty salons around Singapore.

Thank you DOM® Gel, for the complimentary sample and the chance to review this product.

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