First 2XU Performance Centre Opens in Singapore

Singaporean runners and triathletes will now have access to the “world’s best compression and performance enhancing athletic garments” – according to 2XU.

This is because Singapore’s first 2XU Global Sports Performance Centre has just opened – in the heart of the city.


2XU Performance Centre, Singapore.

Located at the Suntec City Tower Three, the 2XU Performance Centre Singapore is set to offer the “very best compression and athletic apparel” that 2XU has to offer. The first centre of its kind so far, 2XU aims to launch more such centres in key locations globally.

An exciting step in helping 2XU connect with Singapore customers 

Said Robert Lu, the 2XU Singapore Director, “The launch of the first 2XU Performance Centre Singapore marks an exciting step in helping our brand connect with consumers on an individual level. The new store also gives athletes and fitness goers, access to the word’s best sports compression apparel.”

Why has Singapore been picked for the Performance Centre?

Cutting the ribbon.

Cutting the ribbon.

Explained Jamie Hunt, 44, Co-Founder and Head of product development at 2XU’s global headquarters in Australia, “Singapore has always been quite a strong country for 2XU. Singaporeans understand compression and we have always wanted to give the Singaporean consumer a taste of what the 2XU store can be like. Our stores in Australia and the United States have been around for a while, and we want Singaporeans to have a taste of our technology, too.”

Will feature a wide range of men’s and women’s sports performance compression

The Singapore 2XU store will feature a wide range of men’s and women’s sports performance compression wear and apparel. With their products being utilised and promoted by professional athletes of all disciplines, the performance centre will showcase the level of commitment that 2XU has towards advancing human performance.

Added Hunt, “We have everything ranging from socks to shorts and tights; we also have three different levels of compression from stronger to less powerful ones depending on your needs. We also have compression that is lighter for hot conditions, some that cools you down when you are running and others that warms you up when you run. Everything in terms of compression is available at the 2XU store.”

Hunt also points out that the fabric used in 2XU compression technology is unique. He says, “We think that nowhere else in the world can you buy a fabric that is so light yet powerful. For example we make the world’s lightest running tees, which also have cooling benefits at the same time.”

The store will feature a wide range of sports compression.

The store will feature a wide range of sports compression.

He continued, “Customers can come in and have a taste of the 2XU experience for themselves; they can taste and smell and learn about our technology better than anywhere else in Singapore, and this will help them to understand what our brand is really all about – great products that look good as well.”

Compression wear can also help with preventing DVT

Apart from athletes, the 2XU compression wear is also good in terms of preventing issues such as DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Said Hunt, “Everyone is our target audience. If you go to the gym, yoga, running, compression has benefits – but even if you sit down all day then compression socks can also help you too.”

He continued, “This is especially the case for frequent flyers to prevent foot swelling that can potentially cause DVT; and if you wear compression tights or socks on the plane, then you will feel much fresher and better when you land.”

Compression tights can also help with DVT, in addition to running and recovery.

Compression tights can also help with DVT, in addition to running and recovery.

Can also get advice and assistance from like-minded athletes at the store

Besides offering a wide range of compression products, the 2XU Performance Centre Singapore is also set to offer further services such as giving consumers the opportunity to get advice and assistance from like minded athletes on the best products and training to meet their needs.

Said Hunt, “We hope that this store will connect with consumers on an individual level. Our retail staff are educated in the benefits of 2XU products and our products are so based on technology, that some third-party retailers may not know the benefits as well as we do. But at our store, the staff present, knows the benefits and products well, and so will be able to give consumers a good taste of what 2XU is all about.”

The store also aims to build on the strong 2XU community by offering free 2XU training classes and the chance to run with the 2XU Running Club as well.

There is plenty of choice for athletes at the store.

There is plenty of choices for athletes – at the store.

As Hunt says, “We love Singapore and it is always a great market for 2XU. If you are a consumer, come down and check out our store; we have everything that you will ever need in terms of running, sports and compression.”

The 2XU Performance Centre Singapore is located at 8 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 3 (#01-610/611). The store will be daily open from 11am to 9.30pm.

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