How To Wake Up Early For Your Running Workout Routine

Yes, it's possible to be up and about for your morning run, before dawn.

Yes, it’s possible to be up and about for your morning run, before dawn.

You have become very busy due to work and personal commitments and these days, you find that you simply do not have the time to go out for a run.

This is especially so in today’s highly connected world where we all own smartphones and people expect us to be on call 24 hours a day. Also, people are staying back overtime in the office and working late, so evening runs are not possible, as a result.

But you can still get around your tight and busy schedule to sneak in a run several times in a week, if you are able to wake up before dawn for your exercise. However, a pre-dawn run needs preparation though, so that you won’t be late for work.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare yourself to run at this early hour – and complete your session right on time to begin your busy day ahead.

Prepare your essentials the previous night

Laying out everything that you need the night before, will definitely help you to save time. Also, you do not have to wake up an extra half an hour early just to search for stuff – and lose out on some valuable sleep.

If you are using a running watch or a music playlist for your workout, it would also help if you prepare these in advance and just press the “play” button in the morning. Leaving your smartphone out will also help, if you are planning on taking this along for your run the next morning.

Do not press the snooze button

If you are waking up early to fit a run into your schedule, the snooze button can be your biggest drawback. But there are ways that you can avoid this.

One good way is to put your alarm clock away from your bed, so that when it rings, you can’t simply press the button and go straight back to sleep. You will have to walk maybe across the room to turn off the alarm – and by then you would probably be awake, all already to begin your early morning run.

Alternatively, if you are sleeping in the same room as your partner or spouse, he or she may be able to wake you up when your alarm goes off, unless the person is a really deep sleeper. But make sure that he or she is happy to do this, though.

Set your clock 10 minutes faster

By setting your clock faster, say by 10 minutes, this will help you to feel less rushed –especially if you have a very packed busy schedule later.

This time buffer helps you to feel more calm and relaxed about the time.

Now you are Ready for your Run – Wear Reflective Clothing

When you are running before dawn, the streets or the park that you are going to may be quite dark, depending on where you live. So in order to stay safe, you should wear reflective clothing, such as a reflective vest and also have a headlamp (so that you can see clearly). This may just mean the difference i.e. between getting injured and coming home in one piece after your run.

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