Review: The Jaybird X2 Sports Earbuds

Designed for sports users, the Jaybird X2 is a micro-sized pair of bluetooth sports earbuds that are marketed as rivalling the best technology found in wired headphones.

Comprising of a Patented Secure Fit for comfort, it is supposed to be ready for anything that the athlete dishes out, regardless of whether it’s running on the trails, in the gym or on the roads. And for sports buffs, they are also sweat resistant – with all of the X2’s components being backed up with a life-time sweat proof warranty.

Jaybird X2 earbuds. [Photo taken from]

Jaybird X2 earbuds.
[Photo taken from]

I recently had the opportunity to test out a pair of the Jaybird X2 earbuds and here are my comments.

Syncing the Jaybird X2 to your smartphone via the Bluetooth technology is a rather easy process, but on my iPhone 6, it took longer than expected, for it to detect the earbuds.

But then again, this had been probably because I had several other devices also synched to my Bluetooth connection! Once they had been connected though, everything was all good to go.

Comes with three sizes of earbuds

The Jaybird X2 comes with three sizes of Comply Sport memory foam ear tips – upgraded ear fin ergonomics from the previous model – the Bluebird X. I selected the smallest pair of ear tips.

Wearing the Jaybird X2 is supposed to be quite versatile. This is designed so that you can wear it under-ear or over-ear with reduced chord length through a chord management system.

Personally, wearing the product over-ear was more comfortable for me, because this lifts the chord off the neck.

There were several moments when I had been running with the earbuds – and I felt that their grip was loosening. So I found myself having to push the earbuds back – on several occasions. But then again, that’s probably because I have smaller ears.

Sound Quality

Upon taking the earbuds out for their first run, what I had immediately noticed was that the sound had remained very consistent – the quality of the music did not drop at all, and it remained very clear during the entire 45-minute session.

This is thanks to the SignalPlus – an innovative product architecture and antenna design in the X2 that eliminates cross-body signal interference and dropout. I could really see the benefits to this. However, I had thought that the actual sound could have been just a little richer, though.

Pressing the volume control buttons up and down on the Jaybird X2 is also a seamless process – the loudness of the music increases or decreases quietly without causing any disruptions to your workout. As well, it is quite simple to do during the course of the workout, thanks to the raised buttons that are easy to feel when you are on the move.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Jaybird X2 lasts eight hours, which I think is good enough for marathon runners like me. Marathoners often need to regularly complete runs lasting about 2.5 to 3 more hours per session.

The Jaybird X2 comes with a stylish casing. [Photo taken from]

The Jaybird X2 comes with a stylish casing.
[Photo taken from]

Stylish Case

The Jaybird X2 also comes with a stylish-looking sport silicone carrying case, that the buds and additional in-box accessories fit into, perfectly.

This is definitely stylish looking and does not really appear like a typical casing that a pair of sports earbuds are usually packaged in. The accessories comfortably fit into a compact package.

Overall Comments

With a retail price of USD 179.95 (SGD 253), the Jaybird X2 earbuds are a decent pair of earbuds for sports buffs.

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