PUMA Lights up the Singapore Flyer to Launch PUMA IGNITE

Last Thursday, PUMA Singapore staged a breathtaking stunt – lighting up the Singapore Flyer, to launch their new PUMA IGNITE running shoes and product range. This event had involved runners – in their PUMA IGNITE shoes – pounding away on the treadmills at the Singapore Flyer’s outdoor Greek Theatre, to generate energy, which was harnessed, collected and stored. Upon reaching 100 per cent, the energy was unleashed, lighting up the Theatre at the Singapore Flyer.

PUMA SINGAPORE launches the PUMA IGNITE shoes - by lighting up the SINGAPORE FLYER. Credit: PUMA SINGAPORE.

PUMA SINGAPORE launches the PUMA IGNITE shoes and product range – by lighting up the SINGAPORE FLYER. Credit: PUMA SINGAPORE.

The ignition counter soon read, 97 per cent.

The atmosphere at the outdoor Greek Theatre grew more intense. Local celebrities Xu Bin, Dawn Yeoh, Allen Chen and Charles Lee were pounding on the four treadmills on stage, and at the same time, egging on others – to run harder and faster than they had ever done before.

The counter moved up again. 98 per cent ignited… then 99 per cent ignited. It would reach full throttle very soon. Indeed, the magical moment, of the counter reaching 100 per cent, was drawing closer than ever.

Everyone waited with bated breath

Everyone waited with bated breath and kept a very close eye on the ignition counter. The runners using the treadmills pounded as hard as they could and became more and more breathless due to exhaustion. Beads of sweat dripped down their tired faces.

At the same time, the festive atmosphere was becoming completely insane by this point in time. Everyone was clapping and cheering fervently. And that’s because they all knew that as soon as the counter hit 100 per cent, something magic would happen. And all the runners, both on and off the treadmills, were waiting with bated breath, for that special moment.

Runners on stage are pounding the treadmills. CREDIT: PUMA SINGAPORE.

Runners on stage are pounding on the treadmills – in the PUMA shoes – in anticipation of the light-up. CREDIT: PUMA SINGAPORE.

The moment of truth

Then it happened. 100 per cent ignited… BOOM. Streamers and confetti rained down from the clear evening sky surrounding the Singapore Flyer’s Greek Theatre. And at the same time, there was a brilliant explosion of light and for several breath-holding moments, the Theatre was completely ablaze in a brilliant array of blinding white light.

It may have only taken place for a few short seconds, but when it did happen, the moment was complete and pure magic. To think that the brilliant white light had been harnessed purely from the runners’ IGNITE shoes.

The stunt was the brainchild of PUMA SINGAPORE

This spectacular event at the Singapore Flyer had been the brainchild of PUMA Singapore – to launch their brand new PUMA IGNITE running shoes. Nine years into its development, the PUMA IGNITE shoes feature an innovative foam technology providing high-energy returns as well as comfortable and optimal durability – to make it the most responsive running shoe in the sports wear market today.

Wanted to emulate PUMA’S global launch at New York City

How did PUMA come up with this spectacular launch? Said Gabriel Yap, 36, the Head of Marketing at PUMA South East Asia, “PUMA had a global launch at New York City where they lit up Times Square in a similar way. So we wanted to do something similar here, and the Singapore Flyer was the perfect venue for us – it is a place that you can actually light up. There aren’t many buildings in Singapore that allow you to do so – and as a bonus, the scenery here for runners was pretty awesome too.”

Yap added, “The energy at today’s launch event was amazing! Everyone was really excited to try on the PUMA IGNITE and see the energy meter ignite the Singapore Flyer. It was definitely a sight to see the iconic landmark all lit up.”

The challenge to light up the Singapore Flyer begins!

The challenge to light up the Singapore Flyer begins!

Participants were rather awed by the entire experience

Runners who took part in the event were awed by the entire experience and they also had plenty of fun whilst doing so.

“It was definitely a very interesting and different experience – to be able to run, with the aim of lighting up the Singapore Flyer. I didn’t expect to expend so much energy when I run, enough to even help light up the Flyer,” said Ronnie Cai, 31, a sports officer.

Added Shanmugam B., 37, a Sales Manager and a running coach, “The atmosphere was brilliant and the shoes also felt very soft and durable to run with. This is my first time trying these shoes out and I thought they were pretty amazing.”

Doing my part to light up the Singapore Flyer!

Doing my part to light up the Singapore Flyer!

Be the first in Singapore to test out the PUMA IGNITE shoes

Following the launch, runners can also be among the first in Singapore to test out the PUMA IGNITE, by visiting the IGNITE Mobile van. Taking place over three weekends at ION Orchard and VivoCity, the IGNITE Mobile is a travelling pop-up van, which lets participants experience the responsiveness, comfort and durability of the PUMA IGNITE shoes. Participants will also have the chance to enter a lucky draw, where three winners stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of SGD450. In addition, visitors who attempt this IGNITE trial will also be given a complimentary pair of PUMA performance running socks with their purchase of the PUMA IGNITE.

The schedule of the IGNITE mobile van is as follows.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 6.37.14 pm

Kickstarts PUMA’s efforts to IGNITE YOUR CITY

The launch event also kickstarts PUMA’s efforts to rally behind runners and inspire them to IGNITE YOUR CITY. To inspire runners and ignite their own running and quest for health, Singapore fitness personalities Jasmine Danker and Donna Samuel and avid runners Ng Kah Fa, Lvance Loh and Yu Bing have committed to run for 21 consecutive days. And over the course of three weeks, these enthusiasts will chronicle and share their IGNITE story via their social media channels using #IGNITEsg.

As part of this campaign, which will be taking place from 12 March to 30 April 2015, runners can also join in the 21-day challenge and are encouraged to share their runs on Instagram with the #IGNITEsg hashtag. PUMA will then choose three winners based on the originality and creativity of their posts. Each winner will walk away with SGD500 worth of PUMA products.



For more information on PUMA IGNITE 

For more information on PUMA IGNITE, visit puma.com/ignite. Get into the action by following PUMA on Facebook (facebook.com/PUMA), Twitter (@PUMA) and Instagram (@PUMA) and use #IGNITEsg.

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