Review: IAmRunBox – a backpack for run commutes

Made especially for run commutes, IAmRunBox (RunBox) is a backpack that is designed to keep your clothes crease-free and your laptop safe and protected, as you are running from your home to your workplace and vice versa.

IAmRunBox is designed especially for run commutes.

Originates from Lund, Sweden

The product, originating from Lund, Sweden and designed by Kirill Noskov, an active runner himself with a passion for travel and living an active lifestyle, is described as helping to bridge a gap in the premium sports accessories market and at the same time, to make busy lifestyles easier, as people become more aware of their health and the need to fit exercise time into their hectic day.

Today, RunBox has been sold to consumers in more than 29 countries, with the largest volume of sales coming from the UK, and about 47 per cent of consumers use the RunBox for run commutes and another 16 per cent using the product for bike commuting.

But besides run and bike commuting though, according to IAmRunBox, the RunBox packs can also be used as a regular backpack or as a small travelling bag, with a small volume of consumers using it for these purposes.

The backpack originates from Lund, Sweden.

IAmRunBox has four products in all – these are the Garment Carrier, the BackPack Lite, BackPack Pro and the Shoe Bag. Each bag comes with a neat top handle and is currently available in black/orange, black/blue and black/black colour combinations, but more colours are planned to be added to the line-up in the future though.

Had the chance to review the IAmRunBox

I had recently been given the opportunity to review the RunBox. When I first saw the IAmRunBox BackPack Lite product, my initial impression was that it resembled a large, black laptop bag, especially with its rectangle shape and the handle at the top. To some though, it could also have the look and feel of a small carry-case.

Nonetheless, I had thought that having a backpack for run commutes is an incredibly useful concept, with more people realising the importance of exercise these days and possibly choosing to run to work or vice versa, rather than driving or braving the public transport system.

The RunBox resembled a large, black laptop bag to me.

That aside though, the look and feel of the backpack is very strong and sturdy and is also advertised as being weather-proof and water-resistant. The exterior is made of a high quality black Nylon fabric with PU coating and the interior of the backpack is a high quality mesh and black velvet fabric.

Contains a useful guide on how to fold up different garments

When I zipped it open, I found that the RunBox comes with a very useful guide on how to fold up garments such as shirts, blouses, dresses and skirts so that they will not get creased when you are running. I admit that I am quite impressed with the attention to details.

And on checking out the BackPack Lite itself, I particularly liked the zip that separates the two compartments inside the RunBox and how this is able to keep the clothes looking good. There is also plenty of space inside the RunBox to fit in not only a set of office attire, plus ample additional room for your laptop and other gear that you will be carrying, such as a mobile phone or a wallet. There is even a pouch to fit in a small water bottle, which is quite useful.

The backpack contains compartments for your laptop and clothes.

Does not move or shake around when running

Trying it out to run, the RunBox does not move or shake around on my back at all when I am running, thanks to the adjustable straps that secure the RunBox firmly to the body. It stays quite securely in place.

This is great in terms of running with a laptop, because it means that the laptop will not keep shaking around, maybe crashing the hard drive. After completion of the run, my 13” MacBook Pro that I had inside the pack, still worked fine and did not have any problems.

Could be more comfortable

But I must say that it is not the most comfortable bag to run with, though. Besides my MacBook Pro, I also had a formal shirt and a skirt inside the RunBox, plus a few other items With the MacBook Pro inside, the RunBox felt quite heavy and I could feel the pack weighing down a little on my shoulders in particular, as I was running. But this could have been due to my short height, though. Fortunately though, thanks to the large ergonomic straps, the RunBox does not actually eat into the shoulders during my runs.

After running for more than half an hour, I admit that my neck was also feeling a little sore too – possibly from accommodating the weight of the RunBox with the MacBook Pro inside. Usually I do not have this feeling when I have run with my soft hydration pack for long hours.

This is also despite the use of smart-load distribution technology used to make the RunBox. This technology is supposed to be able to distribute the weight of the pack evenly to all parts of the body.

Clothes stay intact and do not get messed up

But my clothes don’t get creased at all though, after being inside the RunBox. After my run, when I took out my shirt and skirt, they still looked as good as new and did not seem to be in the slightest bit crumpled.

The backpack does not move or shake at all when running.

Thanks to the zipped up inner compartment that is designed to hold the clothes, the garments don’t even move around inside the RunBox backpack at all during the run. So this is great for office workers who need to look fresh for the rest of the day after having run to work.

Straps are a bit stiff

I noticed though, that the backpack straps seemed to be a tad on the stiff side when I ran, and so far, despite going on a few test runs with the pack, they have not softened yet. Probably this means that I will need to run more with the RunBox, in order for the straps to soften up.

Tends to feel hot and sticky in Singapore 

And in Singapore’s hot, tropical climate, it must also be noted that the RunBox may make your back feel a tad hotter and sticker than usual, as I had experienced, but then again, I admit that it could be because I perspire quite a lot as compared to most people.

So this may mean that if you are running to work, do make sure that there are some shower facilities at the end of your run.

In terms of the RunBox itself, do note too, that it probably needs to be at least aired or surface cleaned once in a every few runs too – so that it does not start to smell of the sweat that may get absorbed into the black Nylon fabric that the pack is made out of, during the course of your run commutes.

IAmRunBox Lite does not come with a shoe compartment but you can purchase a separate shoe bag.

Can buy a separate Shoe Bag for your shoes

Do note that there is no space inside the IAmRunBox Lite to put a pair of shoes, but according to RunBox’s distributors in Singapore, you can purchase their Shoe Bag separately and tie this securely to the RunBox if you need to carry your shoes to run, and they won’t drop out.

Retail price and where to get the IAmRunBox

The recommended retail price for the IAmRunBox Lite, which I reviewed, is SGD $149.

You can also choose to get the BackPack Pro for SGD $199.

The IAmRunBox is currently available for orders at

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