Run Longer and Further with the Puma Ignite Ultimate Shoes

Marketed as a running shoe that provides ultimate Cushioning and Responsiveness to runners, the Puma Ignite Ultimate is the latest addition to Puma’s IGNITE running shoe range.

These are the running shoes that Puma’s track-and-field athletes – including the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, will be doing their long training runs in – for the build-up to the Olympic Summer Games in Rio later this year.

The Ignite Ultimate shoes are Puma's new addition to their Ignite family. [Photo by Puma]

The Ignite Ultimate shoes are Puma’s new addition to their Ignite family.
[Photo by Puma]

Offers comfort and energy return with every workout

Comprising of the same innovative IGNITE foam and unique PU blend from the Puma Ignite shoes that had been launched last year in March, the new Puma Ignite Ultimate offers comfort and energy return with every workout. It also comprises of raised midsole heights and an articulated chevron design.

Said Adam Rarch, 29, Puma spokesperson, “The foam has a bit more cushioning to the 2015 Puma Ignite shoes. We also have updated the foam to give it maximum cushioning for runners, and have changed the upper (the part of the shoe that encases the foot) as well as added some mesh to give the shoe more breathability.”

The shoes offer comfort and energy return with every workout. [Photo by Puma]

These Puma shoes offer comfort and energy return with every workout.
[Photo by Puma]

He added, “So we hope that runners will try on this shoe – those who liked the previous version of the Puma Ignite will love this even more, considering that it is giving you even more maximum support for your feet, as well as maximum cushioning. Yet at the same time, we have retained the essence of the previous Ignite in terms of the comfort and style.”

Targeted at mid foot and heel strikers

The shoes, according to Rarch, are targeted at mid foot and heel strikers. He said, “Because of the position of the cushioning, the shoes are best for mid foot runners. But we know that the majority of runners land on their heels so the cushioning is designed to support that as well.”

Rarch continued, “But forefoot strikers can also use these shoes if they like them, as the cushioning is supposed to provide all-around maximum support, though.”

I had interviewed Rarch at the Puma Ignite Ultimate media launch which was held earlier this week at the Puma VivoCity store.

The Ignite Ultimate Launch Event was held at the Puma Store in VivoCity. [Photo by Puma]

The shoes are targeted at mid foot and heel strikers.
[Photo by Puma]

There, the media had also tried on the Ignite Ultimate shoes and participated in a short workout, including some agility exercises followed by a short 1km run to Sentosa Gateway and back.

Shoes feel bouncy and responsive

My first impressions of the shoes during the session, were that they were extremely bouncy while running – thanks to the generous amount of cushioning present in them.

These views were also echoed by Puma-sponsored athlete Chua Khai Leng, 25. She said, “I received these shoes two weeks ago and I have been wearing them to try out. My first response was that they are very bouncy and responsive to the cushioning. They are also very quick and solid, and this can be seen from the appearance. As I am a mid foot runner, I can really feel the responsiveness in the midsoles. So I think that this is a good thing for a training shoe and for clocking long distance mileage.”

Said David Heng, 27, Fitness Ambassador for Puma, who had conduced our workout session, “I think the Ignite Ultimate shoes are very suitable for long distance runners who are heel strikers. It will give them a lot of cushioning and energy return for landing with every stride during their workout. Of course the three-layer mesh also gives the foot plenty of breathability as well.”

Where to buy the Puma Ignite Ultimate

Usain Bolt, the World's Fastest Man, wears the Ignite Ultimate shoes. [Photo by Puma]

Usain Bolt, the World’s Fastest Man, wears the Ignite Ultimate shoes.
[Photo by Puma]

The Puma Ignite Ultimate retails at SGD199 and are available at Puma retail stores and authorised dealers.

The first 30 who buy the Ignite Ultimate shoes will also be eligible for a complimentary workout session conduced by a professional athlete who will give them tips about proper running techniques and workout exercises they can do in preparation for running.

Stay tuned to my blog. I will be posting a review of the Puma Ignite Ultimate after Chinese New Year.

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