Some Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Running in the Morning

Here are some common mistakes of those running in the morning.

Here are some common mistakes of those running in the morning.

It is a great idea to wake up early for running in the morning – when most people are still snoozing and everything is so peaceful. If you are a morning runner, thumbs up to you. But there are mistakes that runners may make, when they are running in the morning.

Here are some tips on how to avoid these.

Waking up too late for a bite

If you wake up just in time to dash out of the door for your runs, that does not give you time to grab a bite before you go out. Don’t forget that you have fasted the whole night and it may have been many hours since you last ate.

So a quick snack, such as a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of cereals will help you refuel and run more efficiently. But if you are not hungry, a banana will do fine.

At the same time, getting up earlier will also help to wake yourself up more and you won’t run the risk of spraining your ankle on say, a twig while running in your half-asleep state.

Sip water or 100 Plus before you go out of the door.

Sip water or 100 Plus before you go out of the door.

Not sipping water on your way out

In their haste to begin their runs, many runners tend to forget about sipping a glass of water on their way out. But taking a little water before your run is very important, because it will help you to stay more hydrated during your run.

A good way to remember to rehydrate yourself is to have a bottle of water sitting next to your alarm clock.

Not grabbing breakfast after the run

It is vital to refuel yourself about 30 minutes after you have completed your run. In their haste to get themselves ready to begin the day after the run, many morning runners tend to skip eating. But do not make this mistake.

If you are not too hungry, you should still try to grab a light breakfast, such as a bowl of cereals, or perhaps some bread with peanut butter. Something that contains proteins and carbs is the best for muscle recovery after a run.

Saving time and foregoing the warm-up and cool-down exercises

This is a common mistake made by many runners. Instead of doing warm-up and cool-down exercises, they go out to run straight away – and then have a shower as soon as they get home.

Doing warm-ups and cool-downs will help to aid in muscle recovery. As result, you will find that you won’t get sore muscles or cramps. At worst, not warming up adequately before a run, or rushing straight home for a shower after a run, may result in injuries that could keep you out of running for days or even weeks.

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