Army Half Marathon 2014: Last Minute Tips To Run a Safe Race

The SAFRA Bay Run and Army Half Marathon takes place early tomorrow morning.

Most likely, participants for this race have already completed all of their training and would be trying to get a good night’s rest tonight, so that they can be energetic and raring to go.

The Safra Bay Run and AHM takes place tomorrow morning. (Image: AHM).

The Safra Bay Run and AHM takes place tomorrow morning. (Image: AHM).

But while you are running, do consider race etiquettes and try not to get in the way of your fellow runners, who may even be aiming for a personal best timing as well.

Here are some last-minute tips to run safely and for your run tomorrow morning to be a success.

Be careful of where you step

At all times, do take care when you are running and keep an eye out for bumpy roads, rough patches and stairways – which may make you slip and fall and get injured.

As well, be careful of areas along the race route with low visibility, especially considering that the SAFRA Bay Run and Army Half Marathon flags off before sunrise.

Keep to the left hand side of the course

If you are a slower runner, try and stay to the left hand side of the race route, to allow faster runners to pass you. At the same time, this will prevent congestion.

Do not stop suddenly in the middle of the route

If you stop in the middle of the race route for no reason, it will cause a pile-up at the back and fellow runners will be frustrated. Thus, if you need to stop, do move towards the side, so that you do not block the path of other runners.

Stick to the race route

Stick to the race route at all times throughout the race and do not take shortcuts – just because you want to get your hands on a finisher’s medal and tee. This is unethical and is not encouraged during races.

Follow all directions

Make sure that you follow the directions and instructions by the race officials, marshals and emergency service personnel at all times. If you fail to do so, you may inadvertently cause problems such as route congestion and bottlenecks – that will certainly frustrate your fellow runners.

Your health is more important

If you are not feeling well in the morning, do not run and risk your health by taking part in the race. It is better to skip the race – there will always be other races to run.

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