Simple Hydration – A water bottle you’ll need for running

It is a sports water bottle that you can fit literally everywhere and anywhere during your runs – be it on your race belt, shorts, tee shirt or even tucked under a sports bra.

This is all due to the interesting design of the 385mL Simply Hydration water bottle, which can easily hook onto anything.

Simple hydrations bottles have a unique design.

Simple hydrations bottles have a unique design.

Said Tine Ferrera, 40, the Director of Simple Hydration in the Philippines & Asia, and a regular endurance runner herself since 2009, “This bottle is all that you really need for running. If you do not have a belt, you can tuck it into your shirt or shorts. It is very light and ergonomic.”

How the design came about

How did the design of the Simple Hydration bottle initially come about? Explained Tine, “The idea originated in the USA by Bryan Hock, a triathlete and ultra marathoner. He was basically looking for a bottle that was ergonomic while he could carry on his runs without it slipping off. So he came up with his own design. And that was how the bottle started.”

She continued, “Other runners then saw the potential in the bottle and became interested in the product – so the idea gained a following and it was funded through KickStarter.”

How the bottle works.

How the bottle works.

Singapore ultra runner Jeri Chua uses the bottle

Jeri Chua, an ultra runner and the organiser of The Great Relay Singapore, is one of the few Singaporeans to have tried the Simple hydration bottle so far, and according to Tine, she regularly uses it for her shorter runs.

Said Tine, “Jeri runs extreme distances and she has been using our bottles for her short runs. We would generally recommend Simple Hydration bottles for self supported runs of up to two hours.”

Most leisure runners would probably be able to cover between eight to 16km in this amount of time.

Tine added, “But if you are joining races, there are aid stations so it would be really easy to refill the Simple Hydration bottle as the bottle opening is very large and easy to pour water into. So running organised road marathons using this bottle would be ideal because refilling can be done quickly.”

The bottles can also be used during running races.

The bottles can also be used during running races.

The opening measures about 42mm in diameter, which is significantly larger than that of most water bottles.

Tine also added that the Simple Hydration bottles can be used in shorter races if you are targeting a personal best. She explained, “Normally on say 10km runs there are aid stations at every 1.5km to 2km but by bringing your own bottle you can save a few seconds of time and will not need to mingle with the crowds at the stations.”

Trying out the Simple hydration bottle on a short test run

Simple Hydration recently invited me for a run to try out the water bottle.

I tucked the bottle into my waist pouch which had contained my phone and other items. It had been a short run of about 20 minutes.

And during the entire run, I did not feel the presence of the bottle at all as it really was quite light. The Simple hydration bottle was also quite easy to pull out of the waist pouch and insert it back in, during the run.

I ran with the Simple Hydration bottle tucked into my waist belt.

I ran with the Simple Hydration bottle tucked into my waist belt.

The pattern design on one side of the bottle when I was running, also made it easy to hold in your hand to drink, without the bottle slipping out from your sweaty palms.

The only drawback with the bottle, was that the water inside, was sloshing around a bit when it was no longer full, and this may get distracting at times when running.

Tucking the bottle into the waistline of your shorts or tights also seems to be quite comfortable when running. But with Singapore’s hot and humid weather, chafing may occur though, when the bottle rubs against your skin. But I have yet to confirm this.

Tine added that the Simple hydration bottles can be tucked into a wrist band too. She said “I have seen Jeri tucking the bottle in a cloth handkerchief that she wears on her wrist. And if you are hiking, or running with a pack, the bottle can be tucked in the outside pocket of your pack. For me I felt quite comfortable tucking it in the strap of my pack while I was doing trail running or longer distances when I needed an extra bottle of water.”

But personally though I don’t think that all parts of my clothing would be comfortable with a bottle hooked on it. When I tried putting it on the neckline of my tee shirt, it felt as though there was some weight that was pushing down on the tee. But then that’s probably because on that day, my tee was quite loose. Perhaps hooking or tucking the bottle inside a tighter compression top that hugs more closely to the body, may be more comfortable.

Thanks Tine Ferrera and Simple hydration for the chance to try out the bottles.

Thanks Tine Ferrera and Simple hydration for the chance to try out the bottles.

But bonus points must be given to the Simple hydration bottle for its ease of use, innovation and sheer convenience.

As Tine says, “As a runner you should simply run and not be bothered with any heavy and cumbersome equipment. So the Simple hydration bottle allows you to run simple and light and just enjoy yourself.”

Where to get the bottles

Good News! PrisChew Dot Com is helping to sell the Simple Hydration bottles in Singapore and Asia.

Please email with your name, delivery address, contact number and number of bottles required – to make a purchase.

Happy Shopping!

The Simple Hydration bottles are available online.

The Simple Hydration bottles are available online.

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