Review: Striiv Fusion Lite Activity Tracker

Launched at the recent COMEX Show 2015, the Striiv Fusion Lite is billed as an activity tracker with smartwatch features – that allows you to track your steps and hours of sleep, all for the affordable price of SGD99.

The Striiv Fusion Lite tracker.

The Striiv Fusion Lite tracker. (Photo from Striiv)

A sleek tracker that measures a multitude of features

This sleek fitness tracker measures your daily physical activities such as steps taken, calories burned and your hours of sleep, and is also water-resistant. The ion-hardened touchscreen also allows you to see your progress easily.

It can easily be paired with your smartphone to make your communications even more convenient and alerts you incoming calls – which is convenient if your phone is in your handbag. The Fusion Lite is compatible with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or iOS7.1 or newer.

Testing out the Striiv Fusion Lite tracker

Thanks to Striiv, I had the opportunity to test out the Fusion Lite tracker. Here are my comments on the activity tracker.

On seeing the device for the first time, my initial impression of the Fusion Lite was that the tracker seemed very inconspicuous and would be able to coordinate quite easily with what’s in my wardrobe.

You can change the colour of the wristband of the Striiv Fusion Lite depending on your preference.  (Photo by Striiv)

The Strict Fusion Lite tracker can be removed from the wristband that it comes with.
(Photo by Striiv)

Mandatory to download the Striiv app

In order to begin using the device, you must download the Striiv app from the Apple or the Android app stores and sync the Fusion Lite tracker to the app. It is a free download.

But in order to initially sync the device to your smartphone, you have to connect the tracker to a power plug. And the rest of the process can be completed simply by providing your vital stats such as your height and weight and then following the instructions on your smartphone. But it was not one of the simplest syncing processes to follow.

Lightweight and you can barely feel it

As the name suggests, the Fusion Lite, at 16g, is extremely lightweight and you can barely feel it on your wrist as you go about your daily chores. This is an advantage that the Fusion Lite has.

But it was a little difficult to put the tracker on though – as it takes a little more effort to push the clasp into the holes.

Accurate in tracking steps taken

The ability of the Striiv Fusion Lite to track your actual number of steps is pretty accurate – when I move my arms around randomly, it does not add this to the steps tally. Also, it does not take into account other types of movement, such as when you are on a moving bus or train.

The tracker is pretty accurate in tracking your steps taken daily.

The tracker is pretty accurate in tracking your steps taken daily.

And to view your current progress for the day, all you need to do is to simply tap on the screen and scroll to the right to see your various stats. However, you may have to tap multiple times though, for the reading to show.

Sleep tracking function was quite basic

The sleep tracking function is pretty basic though, and it does this only in manual mode. At the same time, it only tracks hours of sleep and not the quality of sleep.

In order to get the Fusion Lite to track your sleep, you open the Striiv app and flick on the sleep mode. If you don’t, your hours of sleep will not get tracked. Then when you wake up the next morning, you need to flick off the sleep function. If you forget, then you won’t have your steps tracked throughout the day.

The device's sleep tracking feature is pretty basic.

The device’s sleep tracking feature is pretty basic and you must remember to turn it off when you get up.

Simple to upload day’s worth of data onto Striiv app

After the initial sync, it is quite simple to upload your day’s worth of data onto the Striiv app. Simply open the app and it will sync automatically. It should take you not more than one minute, to view your daily progress.

Besides the day itself, you will also be able to see backdated data through the app, so that you can manually check back and see how much progress you have been making in terms of your own fitness goals.

It is easy to upload your day's worth of activity onto the Striiv app.

It is easy to upload your day’s worth of activity onto the Striiv app.

Battery Life

With all of the features that the Fusion Lite can do in such a small frame, the battery life may take a bit of a beating though. I had to charge it every three to four days, though the advertised battery life was stated as five days.

A decent and basic activity tracker

But otherwise, this is a decent and basic activity tracker that isn’t too difficult to use and packs more features than you would expect, for its price tag.

The Striiv Fusion Lite is available at Axtro Sports and authorised resellers for SGD99. For more information, visit

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