Talk By top runner Marcus Ong – for B60 Charity Run 

At last weekend’s race pack collection for the B60 Charity Run – taking place on 3 and 4 September – top Singapore runner Marcus Ong shared more about how he got into running as well as imparted some motivational running tips to the race participants.

Marcus Ong is one of Singapore's top runners.

Marcus Ong is one of Singapore’s top runners.


Marcus had initially taken up running as a student… after he had been chased by a dog. Said Marcus, “The dog was angry so it chased me. I ran as fast as I could and after a couple of kilometres, I realised that I was good at running.”

So things progressed from there, and Marcus went on to represent Singapore in local and regional competitions, and has chalked up podium placings, including 1st place in the Sundown Marathon’s 10km race in 2009 and 8th position at the 2011 ASEAN Games in the cross country run.

Said Marcus, “But running to me is not all about winning. It is the experience and the ability to have fun when running.”

Marcus initially took up running after being chased by a dog.

Marcus initially took up running after being chased by a dog.


But Marcus has also had his fair share of mishaps when running. He said, “The worst moment of my running career was during the 2015 Singapore Open 5km race. I was following the runner from Malaysia and Philippines and on course for a 14mins 5km timing when I tore my hip flexor and fell to the ground, unable to run at all.”

He added “I asked myself if I should continue running or to give up. I was representing my country so I decided to carry on – I crawled to the finish line and completed the race in 17mins and 9seconds.”

Marcus (left) has had his fair share of running mishaps.

Marcus (left) has had his fair share of running mishaps.

Marcus was on crutches for a while after that but thanks to his family, friends and sponsors, he pulled through, got himself moving and resumed his running.


Said Marcus, “Never give up when life is not on your side. Always fight till the end. I feel that winning is not everything and the ups and downs that you experience when running will make you a stronger person.”


In addition, Marcus also shared with the B60 charity runners, six “drugs” that will help runners. These are as follows.

Marcus (left) advises that you should never give up and that running isn't all about winning.

Marcus (left) advises that you should never give up and that running isn’t all about winning.

  • Caffeine – This boosts performance and increased red blood cell reproduction to help you run faster according to Marcus.
  • Chocolate Milk – Marcus explained that this helps your muscles to recover by at least 50 to 55 per cent after a workout.”
  • Scrambled Eggs – These increase red blood cell production. Said Marcus, “And if you eat scrambled eggs with butter, it is equivalent to eating beef. I always take scrambled eggs every morning.”
  • Hydration – Marcus recommends hydration, especially with isotonic drinks, for any run lasting for more than an hour. He said “The energy levels will not be there if you just take water. Sports drinks help with recovery.”
  • Almonds – These are high in tyrosine (an amino acid used by cells to synthesise proteins) and help in production of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and emotional response). Says Marcus, “I always bring almonds to the office to fuel myself during my workdays.”
  • Motivation – This according to Marcus, makes a difference. He said, “To achieve the runner’s high, you need motivation and a positive mindset. Tell yourself that you can do it and believe in yourself. Keep these phrases in your mind and you will be able to stay motivated at all times.”

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