Wacky Tips To Help Run More Effectively

Here are some wacky tips – to make marathon running and training more effective and at the same time, less painful.

Source: womensrunning.competitor.com

Source: womensrunning.competitor.com

1. Wear Diapers

Have you felt as though you need to go to the bathroom urgently – but found yourself frustrated by the extremely long lines at the portable toilets in the middle of a marathon?

Perhaps then, you can consider wearing diapers at your next marathon – just in case you are busting to answer the call of nature urgently and can’t wait for the toilet. In this way, you also won’t find yourself searching for a nice patch of grass to relieve yourself along the running route.

2. Sports Bra to Stop Chafing

If you’re a male runner, you would probably have experienced chafing around your nipple area – and bloody nipples, on some occasions. This is indeed a common problem.

But have you ever considered wearing a sports bra? It is an ingenious solution – and as long as you have a singlet on top of it, nobody will ever know that you have one on! Moreover, unlike waterproof tapes 0r Vaseline, it will not tear your nipple hairs out or make your skin all oily.

3. Eating Sweets or Jelly Beans 

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Instead of spending large amount of money on expensive energy gels, why not refuel yourself using more cost-effective, yet easy to digest sugars, such as sweets or jelly beans during long runs? These also taste much nicer than some sickly-sweet gels that you may often find yourself struggling to swallow due to the sometimes not-so-pleasant flavours that are occasionally being given out.

4. Carry Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline On Runs

If you find that you suffer from chafing often during runs, why not carry some petroleum jelly or vaseline with you on the run?

If you don’t want to carry the whole tube or tub with you, you can just squeeze out a glob of this and carry it with you inside a piece of tissue paper, tucked neatly into your running shorts or pants. Then when the chafing begins and you need this, simply apply it onto the affected areas – and your chafing pains will be immediately solved. This is quite a good solution if you’re not entirely sure exactly which parts of the body will chafe prior to the run.

5. Warm yourself with old socks

If you are running a race in cooler climates and are scared that you’ll feel cold at the starting line, but at the same time, don’t want to wear too many layers as you’ll sweat and get hot later, you can consider you can consider cutting up your old unwanted socks and using these as arm warmers.

All you simply need to do is to cut off the feet part of the socks, and you’ll be able to easily slip your arms through it. Moreover, they will keep you warm – and when you start to overheat, all you need to do is to pull the socks off and discard it at the closest dustbin along the route, or perhaps at the next hydration station.

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