Wakeboarding Fun @ Sentosa

Trying out wakeboarding for the first time @ Sentosa.

Trying out wakeboarding for the first time @ Sentosa.

I recently decided to try out wakeboarding at Sentosa’s Seabreeze Water Sports. 

Here are some of my highlights in the water – when I was towed behind the boat.

Being inexperienced in wakeboarding, I had no idea of what to expect as I made my way to Seabreeze Water Sports for my adventure. I was nervous and wondered whether I would be able to stand up for long on the board. Or would I simply fall flat on my face each time I try to stand up?

These fears continued in my mind as I slowly walked down to the beach and boarded the boat that would take me out for the wakeboarding session.

Boat driver was very friendly and patient

Fortunately though, the boat driver cum instructor was very friendly and patient with me. When I told him that I was a beginner, he gave me a short tutorial on how to position myself at the start and then what to do subsequently, in terms of the correct posture and how to maintain my balance. I found this very helpful and he never lost his patience.

Eventually, when he felt as though I had managed to grasp the main concepts, he started the boat again for my great water adventure.

That's the mandatory starting position for wakeboarding.

That’s the mandatory starting position for wakeboarding.

Fell into the water

The wakeboarding itself wasn’t easy at first, even though I had tried to remember what the friendly instructor had taught me – such as the correct starting postions.

On my first attempt, I fell straight into the water, before I could really stand up properly. I must admit that falling off the board wasn’t very fun at all, and the water tasted so salty!

Getting the hang of it

But the driver cum instructor gave me some helpful tips on the mistakes that I was making. For example, I should not pull myself up. Instead, I should let the boat pull me up to a standing position. Thankfully, after a couple more attempts, I was finally able to actually stand on the wakeboard. Each time, it may have only lasted about a couple of minutes, but I must still say that the feeling was totally exhilarating, with the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

The board that's used for wakeboarding.

The board that’s used for wakeboarding.

I subsequently had a few more attempts on the wakeboard, and by the end of the session, I felt as though I was really getting the hang of it and was enjoying the wakeboarding more than ever.

Session ended all too soon

So it was unfortunate that the session ended, all too soon. If I had another opportunity to do so, I would definitely love to have another go at wakeboarding again soon.

SeaBreeze Water-Sports @ Wave House Sentosa

36 Siloso Beach, Sentosa,

Singapore 099007

Tel: +65 6376-4336

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