Who Will Win The BPL 2013/2014 “Hunger Games”?

This post combines elements from Barclays Premier League (BPL) football and the popular young adult movie, The Hunger Games.

Who will WIn the BPL Title 2013/2014 "Hunger Games"?

Who will WIn the BPL Title 2013/2014 “Hunger Games”?

The BPL Hunger Games is steadily heating up. The favourites are emerging and the no-hopers have already been eliminated. There is a flurry of bets going on in the Capitol and all of its citizens are waiting with bated breath as to who will win the 21st instalment of the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in our favour and may our favourite tributes emerge victorious this year.

Here is a rundown of the tributes in the top positions – the likely victors for the BPL Hunger Games.

Arsenal (North London District)

My vote goes to Arsenal to take the crown.

My vote goes to Arsenal to take the crown

They are catching fire and in top position right now, having improved tremendously from last season. Much of their success can be attributed to acquiring new formidable tributes such as Mesut Ozil. For the last eight Hunger Games, Arsenal’s tributes have never been seen as true title contenders – they were always nearly there, but at the end, they would get eliminated. But this year, if they are able to hold their good form, they can become victors of the BPL Hunger Games.

However, despite their success, it must be noted that Arsenal have sparred, and been defeated by the tributes from Manchester United. Moreover, they have not come into contact with fellow tributes from Chelsea and Manchester City yet. If they are able to win these battles, then they should be seen as true contenders to the BPL Hunger Games crown. Only time will tell though.

But in my opinion though, I think that Arsenal has the strength, stamina and skills to last the distance. In fact, they are so powerful this year that I have overheard members of the Capitol placing bets on them to win. After all, we have seen their fighting spirit and determination to win, especially in some of their tough continental battles in Europe. A prime example is the time that they beat Borussia Dortmund in Germany and becoming the first English team to do so.

Liverpool (Merseyside District)

Their good form at the beginning of the competition is typical of Liverpool’s tributes. They usually start in a very promising fashion, but taper and fizzle off as the Hunger Games begins to heat up around the Christmas period.

This season though, a true test for them will come when they clash with the formidable tributes from Manchester City, who are in great form at the moment. If Liverpool is able to triumph over them, then they may be able to last the distance.

In my opinion though, Liverpool won’t be able to sustain their early-season form. According to insider information from the Capitol too, they view Liverpool as dark horses for the crown, despite their promising start.

Chelsea (West London District)

Their tributes may not have had a very good beginning to the Games but in recent weeks, they have been gaining on their rivals and becoming stronger. At this rate, they will be a threat to the Hunger Games crown as the season draws to a close. As well, Mourinho is a great mentor with a winning mentality and he will bring out the best in his Chelsea tributes. He has successfully proven himself as a mentor many times over.

In fact, Mourinho has trained many tributes who have won the Games, most famously Porto and even previous ones from the Chelsea district themselves. So expect to see them amongst the leaders of the pack towards the end of the season. After all, they are recognised as one of the Career tributes.

Manchester City (Manchester District)

So far, their tributes have viciously slayed the other contestants in a true, merciless Hunger Games manner that the Capitol audience totally loves – but this happens only when they are at their home turf. A prime example of this was only last week, when they slayed the tributes from Tottenham, shooting six goals past them without giving them so much as a chance.

Manchester City’s problem is that they can’t replicate their home form, when they are involved in “away” battles. In fact, during these games, they tend to surrender meekly like sheep. And in my opinion, if they are only able to win half of their battles, they will not stand a chance to become the BPL Hunger Games champions.

Southampton (Hampshire District)

Having come from the little-known Hampshire District, which is certainly not amongst the Career Districts, Southampton were expected to wilt and be one of the first few tributes to get eliminated. But they have shown plenty of pluck and courage, to defy the odds. Now they are sitting fourth in the pecking order and are definitely the dark horses for the title. But the only question is whether they are able to actually last the distance.

In my opinion though, Southampton won’t be able to sustain their lofty fourth position as the season progresses. But I think they will still do well enough to land a top-ten position. The main reason is because they have a great mentor in Mauricio Pochettino, who has performed wonderfully despite the club’s limited budget and resources. But you should expect him to be lured away by a stronger district at the end of the season though – especially if he does well at Southampton.

Manchester United (Manchester District)

Having come from an incredibly strong Career District, which has won 13 BPL Hunger Games trophies in their entire history, you would expect them to hit the ground running.

But Manchester United has disappointed so far this season. Sure, they have had their moments, like when they beat leaders Arsenal convincingly as well as slaying German giants Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League, but these are few and far in between. For example, what Career District champion would let an outlying district tribute, such as Cardiff, hit them at the death to snag a draw?

The main reason for Manchester United’s failures are because they can’t gel together and the entire team lacks chemistry and cohesion. They are relying way too much on goals from Robin Van Persie. But Wayne Rooney is showing his true skills again – which bodes well for these tributes from the Manchester District.

Their new mentor David Moyes though, has lost the plot and has been adopting a small district mindset while managing tributes from a Career District. If they do not get their act together before Christmas, expect Manchester United to be eliminated way before the BPL Hunger Games is over.

My Prediction on the eventual three top positions are:

1st: Arsenal
2nd: Chelsea
3rd: Manchester City

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