Working Out in the Gym: It is not your living room or office

Please be mindful of other gym users when you are using the work out machines.

Please be mindful of other gym users when you are using the work out machines.

When we are working out in the gym, sometimes, we may get so engrossed in using the work out machines and think that we “own” the place. But when we are there, we should try to be mindful of other users.

We can enjoy our exercise sessions a tad too much sometimes… and mistake the gym for our living room, or even a k-box lounge, when we are working out in the gym.

Not a Living Room

Do you often get annoyed with people who are sitting on the work-out machines and watching their favourite TV shows?

Yes, they may be so deprived of a TV at home that they need to watch their favourite programme, while pretending to be using the gym equipment at the same time. You will be depriving other users of gym equipment, if you do this.

Not An Office

With our smartphones these days, it is becoming easier to check our email and update our Facebook status on the go.

But have you come across users at the gym, who are constantly replying to their emails and Facebook messages? This group is simply hogging onto the gym machine – without even intending to use them the way that the machine is meant to be utilized.

Just remember that the gym is not your personal office. If you need to tend to your emails and update your Facebook status so urgently, just stay at home and work, or even better – go to your office. 

Not a K Box Lounge

Have you ever been to a gym, only to be frustrated by a fellow gym user belting out “Let It Go” at the top of his voice?

If you want to try your latest high notes, do it at home. Or go and book a room at a K Box lounge with your friends. Sure, you think you may need to sing to give yourself motivation to complete that treadmill workout, but be mindful of other users too. Those who go to the gym are paying to work out – not to hear your latest croaking notes.

Not a Park

Have you ever come across those who are leisurely strolling on the treadmill or other work out machines? Worse still, they may be treating it like a casual afternoon stroll – by even chatting to their friends on the adjacent treadmill?

For those who are guilty of doing this, just remember that a gym treadmill is meant for working up a sweat. It is not a place for you to stroll down on at walking speed while chatting to your friends on the phone. And anyway, would you get much of a workout going at such a snail’s speed?

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