A Drop-Proof Military Grade Smartphone Case

Have you dropped your smartphone more times than you can count?

If you said yes… then the military-grade smartphone cases by Urban Armour Gear (UAG), would be just what you need.

UAG cases are sturdy and durable. [Photo by caseaholic.com]

UAG cases are sturdy and durable.
[Photo by caseaholic.com]

A rigid outer shell and an impact resistant core

Featuring a rigid outer shell in a myriad of colours, UAG’s smartphone cases feature a rigid outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Though they are visually striking, the cases also provide structural integrity while minimising size and weight.

Explained Asia-Pacific Director of UAG, Wayne Hung, aged 30+, “To provide the best protection, you need both hard and soft material. UAG invests in a specialised manufacturing process that combines the different materials in a one-piece production. This allows UAG cases to make the weight lighter while at the same time, providing the necessary protection.”

He added, “Our protection certification is done by a third party independent lab. We don’t just do an in-house testing and call it certification protection.”

Aims to give people protection without the bulk

How did the inspiration for these light yet durable cases come about anyway?

Said Hung, “Back in 2012, there were brands producing protective cases but they were just very bulky in general. We believed that with the right engineering, we can give people protection without the bulk.”

He added, “Our design DNA has stayed the same since our very first phone case back in 2012. Our case designs are so unique – it is the same idea as how Porsche’s 911 series has had the same design DNA in decades.”

Trying out the UAG smartphone cases

I received an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 5 smartphone case from UAG.

I received these two smartphone cases from UAG.

I received these two smartphone cases from UAG.

The iPhone 6 case, which I received at a recent event, was a translucent red colour, and my first impression was that it was light and pretty. The red exterior, together with the black rubber side trimming, looked classy and elegant.

The iPhone 5 case, with a clear transparent back, and black rubber trimming, arrived in the post as part of a media kit. I thought that this too, had looked rather lightweight and attractive and the transparent backing also enhances the natural beauty of the iPhone.

My friend Chew Jia Zhen, 27, a Product Development Director in the chemical, energy & fertiliser industry in China, also took to the UAG case immediately. She said, “The case is light and quite naked on the phone, which I like.”

She added, “The case also does not make the phone’s buttons more difficult to press – except for the volume down button.”

Personally I also found the buttons to be rather responsive, and the casing does not really add an awful amount of weight to the phone either. In my opinion, my only gripe is that it is slightly hard to take the iPhone out of the case after insertion – but then on the other hand, this fierce grip adds to the sturdiness of the case and its ability to cling onto and protect the phone.

The case is responsive and does not add too much weight to the iPhone.

The case is responsive and does not add too much weight to the iPhone.

My phone hasn’t suffered a serious drop yet, so I can’t really comment on how the UAG casing actually protects the phone during a fall – I also don’t dare to drop it on purpose, either. But my first impressions of the UAG case have been pretty positive – perhaps this is a good sign that my iPhone may survive should an accident happen.

Provides peace of mind for busy Singaporeans

According to UAG, the case provides peace of mind for busy Singaporean workers. Said Hung, “UAG is the perfect phone case to use in the busy city in Singapore. You never know if your phone may drop out of your pocket while getting into a taxi.”

You never know when your phone will drop out of your pocket. [Photo from www.idownloadblog.com]

You never know when your phone will drop out of your pocket.
[Photo from www.idownloadblog.com]

He continued, “Singapore is also the centre of South East Asia travelling. With beautiful outdoors that are easily accessible in surrounding regions, UAG is the perfect companion of anyone who likes outdoor adventures. And with smartphone being the all-in-one device for sports performance, location and communication tracking, UAG provides a peace of mind for any outdoor adventurers to explore without worrying about dropping and cracking their phones.”

Where to purchase the case?

You can purchase the UAG smartphone case here. www.lazada.sg/uag

Cases are available for a wide variety of smartphones ranging from Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones, iPads and even laptops.

Thank you UAG for the smartphone cases.

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